Unauthorized Police Parkour

Charles Ross’ stunt got him arrested:

Awesome flip, but total fail for not just having a buddy casually film it on a iPhone and walk away right after it happened.  Who sets a camera down and expects not to get caught?

He was charged with both culpable negligence and resisting arrest without violence.

Full Story – TheBlaze

cop-with-gun-holding-wristThoughts?  Can you imagine if one of those officers would have accidentally moved their head while he was mid flip?

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  1. It’s amazing he hasn’t been shot yet. But when he finally does, it’ll be great to see the video hit liveleak.

  2. Culpable negligence = load of flaming bullshit. These two are petty thugs hiding behind a badge. A good cop acts like this:


    1. If I was a cop and some douchebag jumped over me possibly injuring me I’d most likely be really pissed off, and he’d deserve to be arrested.

      1. hydepark Avatar

        And I bet that if these two guys weren’t cops nothing would have happened. Cops are not, or rather SHOULD NOT, be above the law. Yet we see it every day. Take their side if you want, just be honest. If it had happened to two “subjects” that were not LEO’s, and they took the video to any judge in the country, the case would be immediately dismissed.

        These two officers should be charged with disturbing the peace, assault, conduct unbecoming an officer of the law, and conspiracy to tamper with evidence.

        1. He was charged with (culpable negligence – (law) recklessly acting without reasonable caution and putting another person at risk of injury or death). Which seems pretty reasonable. He wanted to make an ass out of two police officers relaxing, That’s why they arrested him, They didn’t necessarily arrest him because he was taping – they were prepared to let him go with just a tongue lashing until they realized he was trying to make a stunt out of them. The fact of the matter is if you try to disrespect and / or endanger an officer just to be a wise ass – 80% of the time you’ll get arrested. This jerk could have easily injured the officer and THAT is why he was arrested. They got physical because when they said they would arrest him he immediately resisted.

  3. Sardaukar Avatar

    You don’t step on the tiger’s tail and then blame it for biting.

  4. I’m pretty tired of 90% of these fucking morons who go around acting like fuck faces and film it to be youtube popular. It’s SOMETIMES funny.

  5. That guy…. needs a beat’in.

  6. sapper911 Avatar

    So because your a cop, you have no sense of humor and you have to arrest the guy and charge him with some bullshit. Because you have a small Dick.

    1. Werewolf1021 Avatar

      How did you know his child was named Dick?


      (Hint: unnecessary capitalization)

  7. I hate cops. Id prefer anarchy any day.

    1. I was a cop. I’d prefer anarchy as well.

  8. bikemancs Avatar

    There’s an issue with it being filmed…. yet it’s on YouTube…

  9. shockfish08 Avatar

    Cop- “I’m about to ruin your day and erase it”

    Punk- “No your not!”

    Gets tackled instantly = fail

  10. Quint Young Avatar
    Quint Young

    Ok, so he was being a douche, but the cops were pretty bastardly themselves. The thing that pissed me off was that they were only giving him a warning until they realized it was being filmed. Why should that matter, does it change what happened? No. so then why does THAT get him charged.

  11. Resisting arrest without violence? What kind of bullshit is that?

  12. Bad arrest. Sure, the cops maybe had a case for doing something to cause them alarm and concern, but the line, “since you filmed that, I’m gonna ruin your day and erase it”, would be an instant case dismissed when it gets before a judge. Far better for them to have handled it with just a verbal warning and let him go (the kid did come back and talk to them, after all).

    The charge and tackle after the threat makes it assault on the cops’ part after that. The kid has a good case for a civil settlement IMHO. There was no continuum of force, no reason to escalate to a takedown. It would not surprise me that the kid was physically hurt when he was shoved onto the bench and then onto the ground. Ka-ching!!

  13. I do agree it was stupid on the kids part. But filmed or unfilmed it didn’t need that response.

  14. But they wouldn’t have arrested him if he would have let them erase the video. Instead he though he would outrun them.

  15. theblackknight Avatar

    Look at the legal eagles who think they know better but wont do the job!

    1. I was told I was too smart to be a cop.

  16. BTW from The Blaze post:

    Posted on March 21, 2013 at 2:02am

    The Depuity with the glasses is Sarasota County Sheriff’s Deputy Dominic Fornal, he had to resign February 27, 2013, for abusive conduct………


    Why do I think the kid could get a good judgement on wrongful detainment/arrest, etc.

  17. hydepark Avatar

    And another thing. Why are these people in power in our country always allowed to resign or quit or just plain be fired? Why can’t I just resign when I’m charged with a serious crime? How many police officers go to jail for crimes they have committed? These people are not our friends. They have become the Dukes and Dutchesses and Lords and Governors. They believe we are their subjects.

  18. farmerjoe Avatar

    Too bad the cops didn’t give him a hickory shampooing. A few days in the hospital would teach him what funny is.

    1. You’d make a good brownshirt.

  19. Douchebag out of shape cops wish they had skills like this.

  20. Cuban Pete Avatar
    Cuban Pete

    Cops – Couple of punk bitches.
    Jumping Dude – So incredibly stupid that I cheered when he got his ass slammed down.

  21. You do that again I’m going to break your f***ing kneck? That totaly sounds like something I want the police to say. Also wrecking his shit for recording it? Yeah that’s totaly american.

  22. Dickhead got what he deserved.

  23. He deserved to be arrested. And to the “cops shouldn’t be above the law” comment. If it were 2 regular guys, he would have gotten the shit kicked out of him…. You’re gonna tell me that if those cops kicked his ass you’d be ok with it? I’m sure if the cops would have just punched him, like a normal (non-LEO) person you would be complaining about them again. They did the right thing.

    1. If you think “kicking the shit out of him” would be an appropriate “regular guy” response, you may need some anger counseling. It’s a stupid prank, or whatever you want to call it, but he didn’t even touch them – what he did had no impact on the cops other than making them feel disrespected.

  24. I’ve seen enough asshats trip and fall in these types of pranks. If that had happened in this case and he hit the officers in a weird way or landed on their head or whatever, he could have caused them to get hurt or seriously injured. this not only causes them to miss work and even worse…leaves them unable to respond to calls that may be close to their position.

    If something was happenIng to your mother or wife or kids there and some dipstick pulled a prank and left the officers injured, your loved one could be seriously hurt or Killed. So….really? There is an argument? Really? Wow!

    So I say again, dickhead got exactly what he deserved. If it was me, I would have tased his ass too. Fuck him.

    1. I’ve seen enough asshats trip and fall in these types of pranks. If that had happened in this case and he hit the officers in a weird way or landed on their head or whatever, he could have caused them to get hurt or seriously injured.

      You’re right. But if they had been civilians instead of cops, and he hadn’t hurt them, would the civilians be allowed to beat on him without consequences?

      And if he had fallen on civilians they would have been able to get him charged with assault and sue him for the injuries.

      Because you claim to be a cop doesn’t mean you have more rights than the rest of us.

      1. The point is he shouldn’t have the right to just run and jump over ANYONE without consequence, it’s putting that person in a dangerous situation – it just so happens that a cop can immediately do something about it over regular citizen, if a cop SAW it happen he could react the same, and I see no reason why any other citizen wouldn’t be able to contact the police because of this person doing shit like this to them.

        1. The point is he shouldn’t have the right to just run and jump over ANYONE without consequence

          I’m not saying a regular person couldn’t call the cops. Could a regular person beat him with impunity? Could they threaten to destroy the video?

          Answer that question and you have your answer on where the cops stood in this.

          1. “Could a regular person beat him with impunity? Could they threaten to destroy the video?”

            Not only could they (any guys just sitting there hangin out drinking) beat the crap out of him, they could destroy or just plain take the camera and walk off while chuckling to themselves. Am I saying everyone would react that way? Absolutely not. But do you really want to find out?

            And the dumbass himself or bystanders would call the cops and the response time is at least 3 minutes or so…if justified…and traffic isn’t that bad. At which time the perpetrators are long gone. What? You think this is like that show 24 where they’d pull the video from stop light cameras and nearby businesses?lol I don’t think so.

            I think the moral of the story is that pranks like this have no business being perpetrated on anyone much less on LEOs. Remember guys…LEOs are the guys that put themselves on the line everyday and protect us when we have the worst days of our lives. Why don’t we show them some respect. They deal with D-Bags like these everyday.

            They may have gone a bit overboard, what they did wasn’t totally unjustified. As LEOs, we are held to a higher standard and we should know better. We know people act stupid. I personally would have had a good laugh and called it good. But we don’t know where this department stands on stunts involving officers. If the video goes viral, will these officers get in trouble with the department? Will they lose time, pay? Or whatever? We don’t know. I’ve seen where girls came up and asked to have pics taken with officers and the LEOs got in trouble as soon as the pics went viral. From Facebook to other peoples’ sites and their department found out.

            Also, if the guy tripped himself on the officers’ uniform items or the uniform itself, could he sue the department? I’ve heard stranger stories.

            Bottom line…Anything can happen. It’s not cool.

            You guys all make some valid points. But at the end I think we all agree that it wasn’t a good idea to do that to,begin with.

  25. Nakedgun Avatar

    Bit of an over-reaction by those Officers… We usually only sit in our cars between calls (instead of on a bench like these two; sitting ducks for a stunt like this or possibly worse since neither can see what’s going-on behind them)… But I think I would have probably just warned the guy that I’d defend myself from his possible “attack” next time.
    Not a smart stunt, and he picked the right Officers to get the reaction I’m sure he wanted.

    *too all of you “I wish we had anarchy” types… Please! Go ahead and move to Somalia or Afghanistan and see how it works out for you… While you’re still here sucking benefits of society tho; you’re welcome for our service.

    1. *too all of you “I wish we had anarchy” types… Please! Go ahead and move to Somalia or Afghanistan

      Well as I understand it, in Afghanistan or Irag, I can keep two full auto AK-47’s.

      Bit of an over-reaction by those Officers…

      If you were the civilian and did this to civilians, and the offended civilians touched you the same way would it be assault?

  26. Crunkleross Avatar

    If one of the cops happened to turn around in time to see this guy running full speed at them and took defensive action it could have been tragic. Hate them or love them trying to (especially physically) punk the cops is stupid.