Custom Homemade Shotgun Shell Trolling

Some awesome non scientific tests from Demolition Ranch:

Demolition-RanchAlthough that foot long piece of re-bar wouldn’t be as effective as pretty much anything else, for some reason I find the though of rebar flying at me more terrifying than buckshot. The screwdriver is a close second…



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  1. It is REALLY surprising to me that the rebar didn’t blow up the shotgun. Unless they are downloading the shells and not mentioning it, they are dealing with some stupidly high chamber pressures. Hopefully they are taking cover behind something when they fire from the rest, otherwise I think one of them might end up very dead.

    If you’re going to play around, better know what you’re doing. Note that while taofledermaus does a lot of the same things, he isn’t increasing the weight of the projectile any, so if anything his chamber pressures should be lower.

    1. seeing as the rebar doesnt fit the barrel i dont think its a problem. If it was the same size then yes explosion time.

  2. poor shotgun….lol

    1. Sometimes I watch idiot youtube videos like this and wish there was a “Firearms Protective Services” that could rescue abused guns like these and give them a new home, in a nice padded safe, where someone will love them and take care of them.

  3. El Duderino Avatar
    El Duderino

    I have seen the dime loads before. $1.80 per shot (18 dimes for you non math folks) seemed stupid 10 or 15 years ago but now it’s like, “hmm not much more than good defensive buckshot.”

    The rebar reminds me of shooting cleaning rods using blanks out of an M16A2. Would go through a 3″ tree and get stuck. Just don’t let the armory warrant officer catch you doing that. Good times!

  4. Critter Avatar

    sheesh. kids these days….

  5. You must admit, that socket looks like one hell of a hollowpoint!

  6. Dlebowski Avatar

    “Hey, hold my beer…”

  7. SneakyHarold Avatar

    I got that “something bad is coming” tingle deep in my abdomen when he was holding the fishing line at 5:16.

    1. Yeah, I could easily imagine a finger getting sliced right off.

    2. me too

  8. Enfieldem2 Avatar

    The dime load may become common after the Looooooong anticipated collapse of the American dollar.

    I used to have a spring loaded bolt action toy gun that I shot small screwdrivers out of, I think I could have badly wounded someone with that thing if not for the fact that it was incredibly delicate and broke every 20 shots.

    I trust my benelli nova more than I trust anyone in my family. I would not trust it to handle a casserole of nonsense like this.

  9. MosinMango Avatar

    How about a red hot piece of rebar? :)

  10. Chris C. Avatar

    Between the fishing line in the guys hand and shooting ammo potentially right back at you, these guys need a reality check. The probability of someone getting hurt is extremely high. Even if they were behind bulletproof glass they don’t show it. Stuff like that encourages some other idiot who want to be famous to shoot ammo back at himself. I don’t want to sound like an old fart saying don’t do this, don’t do that but it seems like people are always in the spotlight on tv and the internet trying to one up each other being unsafe with these videos giving responsible gun owners the stereotype of being unsafe. I’d be curious to know the legalities of shooting a projectile that detonates on impact too like the ammunition and primers. Anyone know if that qualifies as a destructive device?

    1. Ammo is relatively harmless if detonated outside of a chamber/barrel. As long as you aren’t standing closer than about 10 feet, you’re good. There’s a youtube vid somewhere where a fire department cooked off thousands of rounds of various handgun and rifle calibers to see if it was safe to enter a housefire that had detonating ammunition. They determined it was safe.

  11. These guys really need to invest in a time-lapse camera and a single-shot break action shotgun.

  12. Well I suggested cutting down and making a point on the rebar. I wonder what it would do.