Super Secret Service Weaponry

FPS Russia suits up and shows us some guns:

I’ll have to say I enjoy FPS Russia’s vids a lot more now than I used to.  I’m not a fan of the DIY terrible looking red tiger stripe pattern he decided to bless his AR upper with.

FPS-RussiaDamn that all looks like fun. I still think he’s going to be a piece of something through his jugular someday, I hope not but one can only be lucky for so long.



11 responses to “Super Secret Service Weaponry”

  1. I think he’s probably deaf by now.

  2. Regulus Avatar

    Soooo any news about his partner who died?

  3. Thoughts? Yeah that mother fucker needs a new tailor. Spend some of that “YouTube money” on a suit that fits.

    That being said, his persona is supposed to be cheesy Russian, so maybe he’s just dressing to the character.

  4. Where the hell did he get 5.7 though?!

    Give ME some 5.7 goddammit!

  5. I thought this was going to be another one of his promo videos for a movie and or video game. I.E Olympus has Fallen.

  6. Meh. Not bad, but what secret service agent would run over a moving car? lol

  7. Better. Still needs to crank up, “The Russian,” part though like his earlier videos.

  8. SittingDown Avatar

    No longer a secret.

  9. The 5.7 was pretty dam cool.

  10. MosinMango Avatar

    Perpetuating the “5.7 is armor piercing” bull pockey…It’s no different than any other caliber. You can buy regular FMJ…and you can buy regular AP.

  11. RockRavn Avatar

    Geeze, that suit and shirt fits like a bag. With all the money he has for badass guns you’d think he could not dress like a prom-bound fourteen year old.