Showing A Criminal A Glock Will Make Them Lose Consciousness

Yep they will lose consciousness one way or another:

This seems to be a running “theme” Glock is going with.  I guess they want to keep it “cute” and not resort to a bunch of Hollywood type violence to sell guns.  Probably a solid move, but after this little “lose consciousness  move was pulled for a 2nd time, I think I hurt my eyes when they rolled back.

hahah the guy was holding the knife backwards initially.  I know a lot of it’s probably makeup and the face he’s making, but what a creepy looking dude.

Glock-LogoGunny still getting that commerical money!



14 responses to “Showing A Criminal A Glock Will Make Them Lose Consciousness”

  1. BBJones Avatar

    Looks like the Cavemen from the Progressive commercials finally got another acting gig.

    1. BBJones Avatar

      Doh Geico! not Progressive.

  2. Glock needs to fire their marketing team and hire all new people. That commercial was so poorly done it made me want to sell my Glocks and buy a really cool knife. Not to mention the fact that making self defense situations a big joke down plays the seriousness of such things.

  3. Mr farrell Avatar
    Mr farrell

    It’s not poorly made… It’s just campy. A little too campy? Probably so.

  4. Ninjavitis Avatar

    It did make me want to purchase a nifty little biometric gun safe…

    1. StarvinPilgrim Avatar

      That was also my first thought……

  5. Dumb! Who is going to be as calm as that lady was, in that situation?

  6. “Somebody picked the wrong (insert random residence/place of business here).” I can’t help but think that Gunny, commercial cash notwithstanding, is getting kind of tired repeating that tired line yet again. You can see it in his face.

  7. Time is right for someone to do a copycat video with a twist at the end – victim shoots the hell out of the bad guy, lots of gore…. Yeah, I’m looking at Freddiew.

  8. That was fucking dumb. Their marketing is terrible.

  9. SouthPawByNW Avatar

    Isn’t that the mom for that 80’s show “Out of this World”? Sad I know this.

  10. Roughshod Avatar

    Wow, that is weak. Also, Crocodile Dundee wants his knife back.

  11. SittingDown Avatar

    Must not be a repeat offender.

  12. That must have been a twitcher in Des Moines.