Music Video First Person Operating

From the band Biting Elbows.  This is intense:

Despite the atrocious modified-teacup grip, this video was really well done.  I don’t feel like a person has truly “operated” until they’ve kicked the front of back window out of a vehicle to make it easier to shoot / see out of.

I really want to visit one of those retired military aircraft graveyards someday.  I’d even like to own something awesome like that to make a shed or a bunker out of.


Hat tip: Steven


11 responses to “Music Video First Person Operating”

  1. Saw this earlier today. Let’s just assume the weird grip is from the dog bite.

  2. Sivl32 (elvis) Avatar
    Sivl32 (elvis)

    saw this a few days ago and the best part is at 2:30… and what happens in the end. you know that kid ends up dead

  3. BOOBS

  4. Holy shit that was cool, and generally I hate every video.

  5. +1 for the interesting point of view shots -1 for the hit everything first time shooting and +10 for the boobs.

  6. Awesome.

  7. Wow, that was AWESOME

  8. Matthew James Avatar
    Matthew James

    The thoughtful and creative thumbnail made me click…

  9. Awesome, awesome video.

    I believe the “aircraft graveyard” is Khodynka, here:

  10. Definitely on the very cool side.