Defense Distributed Cody Wilson Talks With Alex Jones

40 minutes long, and definitely worth watching:

*facepalm* 22 seconds in and Alex Jones starts saying “clips” twice instead of magazines. Then he says it a few more times throughout the video.

Alex-JonesK i’m officially on team Cody Wilson… 2 videos back to back is good enough for me, the kid is now likable.  We rock the same style facial hair too so bros gotta stick together.

Go to Defense Distributed to check out the project and download the files at the DefCad link.

Hat tip: Jesse


31 responses to “Defense Distributed Cody Wilson Talks With Alex Jones”

  1. Oh shit, Alex Jones. Where the hell do I start?

    1. elephantrider Avatar

      Start by putting your tinfoil lined hat on.

      1. I can’t its keep the voices IN and I want them out!

  2. MrMaigo Avatar

    I don’t understand why printing a gun is a big deal. Just spend a few more bucks to buy/make a cnc mill and make a gun out of long lasting metal

    1. Well, because not everyone has room for a cnc machine, but most of us can fit a 3d printer in our house.

      1. MrMaigo Avatar

        They make em rather small these days. And spit out a mess, but you can hang a tarp around it.

    2. Printing parts involves a ton less skill than machining them. You can print in lots of details on an object without ever moving the work and realigning it precisely. Besides the ease, you have time, cost, tooling etc. Lots of reasons this is a great idea, 3D printing is only the very beginning to a much different future than we know now.

  3. I got to 1:27. After he said clip for the 3rd time, I gave up.

    1. There is a time for nitpicking, and this was not it.

      1. There is always time for nitpicking. If you want to make a point or sound like you know what you know what you are talking about, use the proper terminology.

        After the Pierce Moron interview with Jones, I have a hard time listening to him because he came across as a raving lunatic and gave the anti gunners tons of sound clips to make responsible gun owners sound like nut jobs.

  4. i hat the ‘i wanna be JT’ facial hair look. I mean i could do it if it meant getting to hump jessica biel, but thats the only reason.

  5. Cody anyway… not so much of a Jones fan.

  6. 19:45 “magazines or clips there’s a big debate over it whatever you call it” – It’s not a debate it’s a fucking magazine…

    1. I was thinking the exact same thing.

  7. Regulus Avatar

    I’m a loyal Alex Jones listener…but lately infowars has been really shitty and half assed. IDK if they are getting burned out or what. I can see that cause I’m geting burned out period with news and politics but I feel like I gota stay updated. I try to not let myself think about this but maybe Alex Jones is a CIA spook. This calling a mag a clip thing just irritates me to no end.

    1. Busdriver Avatar

      What brand of foil would you say makes the best hats?

      1. Regulus Avatar

        Lol. Well the thought has past my mind…but I didn’t say I believed it. Anyways I guess this dollar store tin foil isn’t working to good haha

        1. Remember, you gotta keep the shiny side on the outside of the hat. It deflects the government mind control rays a lot more effectively.

  8. Little known to the rest of the world, Anarchists generally fall into a socialist-individualist spectrum, just like statists fall into the liberal/conservative spectrum, and we fight like cats and dogs.

    His references to Marx make my AnCap klaxons go off, but I think he’s floating somewhere in the middle. Seems a decent fellow though, and he seems to understand the path to anarchism isn’t by throwing bombs or rioting, but by simply working around the state until it becomes totally irrelevant. This is what happened to the Soviet system; people just lived their lives in spite of the state, and the illusion just collapsed.

    I totally support this project.

  9. Spencer wade Avatar
    Spencer wade

    Do you guys correct a bitch for calling your penis a dick? No. You know what the fuck she’s talking about. Same way with guns. U know what the fuck they are talking about. You bitches sound worse then the fishing guys talking about rods being called poles. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

    1. Penis and dick are synonyms. Magazines and clips are entirely different things. Calling a magazine a clip is like calling a truck a bus or a plane a helicopter.

      1. Winning!

      2. Spencer wade Avatar
        Spencer wade

        Clip and mags. Are used to describe the same thing. I believe you are thinking of a stripper clip when you say they are different. If someone called a mag. A stripper clip then you said no its a mag. I would agree. Agreed?

        1. No.

          Clips store ammunition for quick and easy loading into a magazine or weapon and lack their own feeding mechanism. There are many types of clips, such as en-bloc clips and stripper clips, but they all share this feature.

          Magazines also store ammunition, but they have feeding mechanisms that load rounds directly into the the receiver of a weapon.

          This is not up to interpretation or debate. “Magazine” and “clip” are technical terms within the gun community and industry that refer to different objects. Calling a magazine a “clip” is incorrect and calling it a “stripper clip” is equally incorrect. In the same way that calling a plane either a helicopter or an Apache is incorrect.

          The meaning of a word does not change just because people use it incorrectly.

  10. Jon Hutto Avatar
    Jon Hutto

    Alex Jones is a freaking idiot.
    I just wish he would go away..

  11. SittingDown Avatar

    If Alex Jones is CIA, he sure does a great job of trashing the CIA all the time. LOL

  12. If Jones keeps exposing the NWO and the evil machinations of our shadow government, why haven’t they killed him yet? Or at least tried to silence him by, y’know, shutting down his radio station?

    1. Regulus Avatar


    2. SittingDown Avatar

      He’s on over 150 radio stations, XM satellite, and C/Ku Band dish (GCN). Plus he has his own servers and Youtube Channels. Good luck getting all of that taken down. Especially his films because they are posted on hundreds of video streaming sites and are free to distribute without compensation.

      From what I’ve gleaned: Jones basically says he has had many death threats and because they think he’s “crazy” they haven’t bothered him too much. He claims the FBI, NSA, and Secret Service have showed up dozens of times to his offices asking him questions and harassing him or his staff.

      Jones said if they kill him, he has setup a contingency plan to keep his shows and information up but won’t go into details. Continuing, this would turn him into a martyr of sorts and people who doubted his legitimacy would know he was correct because he has stated on hundreds of occasions: a) he does not drink alcohol. b) he does not use any drugs or pills/injections. c) he would never commit suicide or kill his family under any circumstances.

      1. The NWO faked 9/11 and the Moon Landings (all, what, five of ’em?) and covered up the existence of aliens. I don’t think it’d be that hard to kill Jone’s and make it look like an accident/natural phenomenon. Maybe they could use a cholesterol teleportation ray to fill Jones’ arteries up with crud and give him a heart attack. Seems like a fool proof plan to me.