Do You Even Lift? – Gym Concealed Carry

Spolier Alert: Tactical fanny pack:

The-Yankee-MarshalI figured this was going to be another colon carry vid.

In open carry states it would be pretty funny to wear one of those Galco miami classic shoulder holsters.  I’d recommend swapping the dual mag pouch for another gun holster though. I can’t see any type of holster at the gym being comfortable. I’m not too fond of the idea of off body carry either, but keep a gun bag close you probably wouldn’t have to worry about theft… only delayed presentation if you need to get at it.

Thoughts?  Do you guys even lift?


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  1. Mike…I’ve gotta be honest with you. Yankee Marshal’s videos have lately been a let down. He’s gotten so excited with his new “intro song” that he’ll put that 45 second introduction in a 2:25 minute video….i’m like come on dude. But as far as carrying at the gym….fanny pack is definitely the way to go. But it’s hit or miss….I try to stay disciplined and practice responsible conceal carry wherever permitted but for me i usually just put my piece in its secure box in my car while i’m working out. Body concealment is too tricky because you wouldn’t be comfortable working out having to worry about the gun falling out of your holster or printing every time you did a crouching tiger in your yoga cla….nevermind. Fanny pack isn’t my first choice.

    1. oh and PS….they have those body band or belly band holsters or whatever? I would always think that a smaller piece like a J-frame revolver or even a Glock 26 or something of that nature would hide pretty well in one of those and maybe even tend to stay a bit more secure to the body rather than flopping around with every movement of your body like a fanny pack….especially on a brisk walk or light jog? Anybody have any experience with those?

  2. fxhummel1 Avatar

    I don’t mean to sound harsh, but taking advice about doing anything in the gym from someone who looks like….maybe I shouldn’t go there. I mean…after all… nobody asks me advice on how to be normal. Perhaps fanny pack carry is ok for the casual ‘exerciser.’

    I like YM, but I hate intros on general. And outros.

    1. mattv2099 Avatar

      I would agree about the intro/outro’s. But now that my vids are getting stolen and other people taking credit for them I think that intro/outro’s are a good idea.

      I don’t lift :(

  3. Yankeemarshall ISN’T openly gay?

    1. Walpurgis Avatar

      Would it matter if he was? Grow up. Sexual preference has nothing to do with self defense. Openly gay men/women usually have more to worry about self defense wise if the news out of the heartland is anything to go by.

    2. Um, he has a wife and two kids.

      1. So did my dad’s dad, and he was as gay as a three dollar bill. But in the 40s…well, things were different.

  4. Regulus Avatar

    Well I can see carrying a pistol in your gym bag…but when u find yourself not being able to workout without having a pistol on your hype that’s becoming border line paradoid. Lol.

  5. SittingDown Avatar

    Home gym FTW.

  6. harry sucio Avatar
    harry sucio

    I live in CA so I can’t carry guns. However, I do carry three knives at the gym when lifting, 2 clipped in the waistband one clipped to right pocket. When I do cardio I carry one knife clipped in the front waistband. I lift at a big chain gym and no one cares if they have noticed. There are a few LEO-types where I do martial arts, and I suspect they have guns in their bags. It’s a small studio and your bag is in sight and no one’s going to steal it. If I could carry a gun at the gym I would, my gym’s clientele looks like a prison yard (though everyone is quite nice). You could pocket carry or carry something small clipped in your front waistband. Normal regular weight lifting is not as strenuous as you might think, I normally wear casual shorts and t-shirt for lifting, no special outfit, as opposed to cardio or cross training which get really sweaty.

  7. Johnny Bravo Avatar
    Johnny Bravo

    If I saw someone wearing a fanny pack in my gym located in Northern Virginia, I would think one of three things….old, gay , or carrying. Just saying….

    1. Walpurgis Avatar

      Could be an old, gay, carrying person. Who cares. The gay community needs protection sometimes MORESO than the so called straight community. Seem’s that it is always the gay guy who gets his ass beat down, or beaten to death. Why would sexual preference have anything to do with ability or desire to protect ones self?

      Or are you 15, and gay is the insult of choice for the cowwadoody kids.

      1. Johnny Bravo Avatar
        Johnny Bravo

        Actually I don’t give a flying f*** if someone is gay or not , its an observation nothing more, try not be so butthurt for once and pick up a sense a humor, laugh you will live longer. Never said anything about gay people being able to not defend themselves. Overall using a fanny pack as concealment died in the late eighties, or at least that is what I observed. In this area (urban/suburban environment) if you are wearing a fanny pack, fishing/photography vest, maxpedition bag or any other tacticool gear you stick out, if you want to advertise please feel free.

      2. Francine Avatar

        Fuck off and go back to tumblr

  8. Gym + Gun Free Zone = Safe ?

  9. I almost peed my pants when I saw the screen cap. As for the video, it was waaaayyyy too long.

  10. Walpurgis Avatar

    I don’t get it. I carry a fanny pack with a Glock 19. I’m neither gay nor European. I do spend time in a wheelchair tho, and the fannypack works better than bolting a holster to the side of the chair.

    But hey… fannypack. Guess I’m advertising that I have a gun, I’m homosexual, Metrosexual, European, or really old.

    Some of you need to spend some time in other people lives before you get all up in there and mouth off.

  11. Mike W Avatar

    Just saw your video on the concealed carry fanny pack for the gym. I’m interested in that item but you never mentioned the name of the fanny pack or where you can get one. If available please provide additionsl information. Thanks.

  12. european Avatar

    Live in USA, have to carry many things like gun cigarettes glasses keys wallet phone lighter… want both of my hands be free so I carry a small fanny pack. And I don’t give a f..k what anyone thinks as long as I feel comfortable. Not old not gay and not packing the gun in it just an extra mag glasses and keys