The Audacity Of An Educated Black Man Talking Sensibly About Guns

Our buddy MrColionNoir makes MSNBC:

“I don’t know if you’ve seen it congressman, but the NRA is out with a new ad that specifically targets African American youth.”

Hahaha the NRA x MrColionNoir ad targeted African American youth? How?  Because MrColionNoir happens to have more melonin than Conan O’Brien for instance? Oh I get it… before there were just white NRA spokesmen, so it was real easy to say that the NRA was “racist”. *smh*


That New York rep Charlie Rangel rambles on and on, and says a bunch of stupid shit about how the ad is an insult to the American people’s intelligence, and how there’s no reason we have “assault weapons for hunting and other non-criminal purposes”… *eye roll*  whatevs bro.



27 responses to “The Audacity Of An Educated Black Man Talking Sensibly About Guns”

  1. It’s scary that Charlie says, “the NRA is telling us we have rights that never existed”.

  2. The idea that Rangel has that the NRA “created” this ad should be insulting to everyone… particularly Mr. Colion Noir. He’s basically suggesting that “Oh, some black guy couldn’t possibly have come up with any of this on his own – it’s gotta be the eebil NRA behind it all” – just shows how out of touch with reality Rangel is.

    Props to Mr. Colion Noir – keep fighting the good fight.

  3. Jon Hutto Avatar
    Jon Hutto

    Oh the Senate is going to make illegal trafficking of firearms, illegal? Sounds.. Moronic.

  4. He said “they create rights about minorities that never existed”?

    What is the right, and who is the minority that never existed?

    Mr Rangle you have let your mask slip. Thank you. To you we that live outside the beltway are minorities and have never had the right. I would ask the dishonorable gentleman what other “rights” have we created?

  5. How fucking retarded are these people?

    The NRA is fucking amazing, they protect ALL our rights by protecting our MOST IMPORTANT right. They are radical, they are ridiculous, and they do frequently use some propaganda, but that is the stage they must perform on in order to keep up against these fucking anti NRA morons.

  6. Rights that never existed ????? 1:04 ???
    We have to hear from the American People? 1:40 ? I take it he has not checked his in box in the last 6 years.
    MSNBC one sided, and without the facts once again.

  7. Kevin B Avatar

    For those who may not realize, influential leaders of Inner City blacks of the last 40 years have been predominately Leftist. The narrative spewed to those they influence is to blame the gun for the crime they are dealing with. Anyone who steps outside of their greater state dependency paradigm (you don’t need guns, the police are here to protect you) is attacked and marginalized. Think of crabs in a bucket, where one tries to crawl out but is pulled back in by the rest.

  8. I don’t lnow why anyone listens to him. He’s been found guilty of ethics violations by the House Ethics Committee, come on!. These sort of tools like the spotlight and never leave it. They become so out of touch with their constituents. The other tool that loves the light is Al Sharpton, the holier-than-thou tax evader.

  9. Rangel was influential in the illegal passing of the Hughes amendment in 86. I don’t listen I anything he says. Crook plain and simple.

    The nra kind of threw us under the bus back then and I haven’t quite forgiven them for it.

  10. I knew this was gonna happen. I just hope MCN doesn’t give up the ghost because of a little public hiccup.

  11. Rangel is an insult to our intelligence. How many times did he get a free “redo” to resubmit his taxes? Rangel is a crook and utterly devoid of common sense.

    1. Mountain Avatar

      You don’t need to define “politician” for us. I have a dictictionary too and I can read “n. – a crook completely devoid of common sense” just as well as you can.

  12. Mr Colion Noir has been making these youtube videos long before 12/14 and before he was contacted by the NRA to coordinate with. I encourage everyone on both sides of the debate to check out his videos. He makes sense. Rangel just rambles on with the party lines of “no need” and “no hunting purpose”. Thats right, keep ignoring what the voters are saying.
    The one that really sticks out in this excerpt is “no purpose for these assault weapons in the rural areas”. Rep. Rangel, your district, district 13, encompasses Staten Island and Part of Brooklyn, NYC. Do you think you actually “know” what people need in say, Northern New Mexico where emergency services response times can exceed an hour?
    Lastly, when everyone hears the NRA lobby, remember that means over 5 million members. That is five million voters. We are pissed off and are organizing to vote the gun grabbers out in the primaries or in the general. The NRA is not just industry backed. By comparison, and since you listen to them much more readily, have you checked how many members other lobby groups like AIPAC have? And don’t try that anti-semite BS, I’m connected to “the tribe”.

  13. SittingDown Avatar

    How do you create rights? LOL

    1. Perturbo Avatar

      You get the Supreme Court to find them… right next to the “good and plenty” clause of the constiution.

  14. matthew Avatar

    Apparently its not “a question of potty” according to this guy (towards the end of the video)

  15. Matthew james Avatar
    Matthew james

    Making up rights that never existed…

    This shit pisses me off so bad.
    Send Colion Noir to stomp a verbal mud hole in they asses.


  16. Leave comments for Miss Jansing right over here

    now to go hunting wabit with my assault weapons

  17. Jarret Avatar

    I wonder if MCN was ready for this shit storm when he signed up with the NRA.

  18. Fat Ogre Avatar
    Fat Ogre

    MCN is fucking awesome and it sucks to see people tearing him down and saying he’s a tool of the NRA.

    The whole bullshit with Russel Simmons is just a stupid too. The arguments against MCN boil down to that he was crafted in an NRA lab to appeal specifically to you black men and that it is shameful that the NRA would make a ‘fake’ black man, as opposed to maybe, just maybe, MCN was like this all along and the NRA brought him on to publicize the fact that gun rights are for everyone, enjoyed by everyone, not just the sole domain of OFWGs.

  19. shockfish08 Avatar

    These people who preach egalitarian mindset sure love to keep turning race into an issue…

  20. Hard_Harry Avatar

    Charlie Rangel is a walking insult to the American people, and by the way why does he sound like Jonathan Silverman in Brighton beach memoirs?

  21. sapper911 Avatar

    MrColionNoir is very well spoken and obviously very smart. I would love to see him tear these two idiots apart in a debate.

  22. Ed Leary Avatar
    Ed Leary

    Are we supposed to take the advice of a known crook who has been censured by his own legislative body for taking bribes and payoffs from contractors and businesses for favorable legislation and failing to claim that $$$ on his taxes, when he should have been arrested, fined, and thrown in jail ? Just because Rangel’s ‘constituents’ listen to his rantings, should the dissenting voices of his race be called to task ? He is a disgusting excuse for a Represntative of The People.

    Slam him Colion !!!

  23. No, it is a race problem, it is a Demoncrat problem. Blacks and Demoncrats support gun control, whites and Republicans oppose it. It is that simple. Every Black politician in this country except the recently defeated Allen West supports gun control like the fossil Rangel and the not so fossil Barak Hussein Obama. And add in there Hispanics and immigrants.

    Blacks, immigrants, Hispanics and Demoncrats want to take away your guns, especially from white people.

  24. So somehow the 4.5 million members that pay for NRA membership are not a representative of the American people? Meanwhile there are less than 28K members in the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, so are they who are going to be asked?

    Screw you Rangel.

  25. The thing that stuck out the most to me in this clip is Rangel’s assertion that “the silence (from the American public) is what allows these lobbyists to do what they do” and that ‘we’ know gun control legislation is the right thing.
    Huh, dude?
    Shouldn’t you glean from that ‘silence’ that the American public does not agree? Especially in light of the spike in firearms sales?
    Has this guy forgotten he’s an elected official who represents the interests of his constituents? And what about the comment that firearms aren’t needed in rural areas? Rangel represents the 13th district of New York which is fucking Upper Manhattan. Why should he have any reason whatsoever to comment on issues regarding rural areas?
    This shit makes my head hurt.