MrColionNoir Is Not Black Enough For BET


I knew when MrColionNoir rose to fame, race would become an issue… this article is ridiculous.

It is incredible to witness a Black man champion the sale and distribution of guns to a national community that has been devastated by the epidemic of gun violence, in the age of Trayvon Martin, of Hadiya Pendleton.

Full article over at BET.

Oh wow LOL

Fuck BET anyway.  I stopped watching their bullshit programming once Big Tigger quit hosting Rap City’s “The Basement”, and to top that off they replaced him with that new bozo on 106th and Park.  I get all my rap video and freestyle vid fix off YouTube and mixtapes now, AND I don’t have to deal with commercials.  Win win.  I do miss the days when my sister (now all grown up and busy with work/life) used to yell to me that Freestyle Friday was on, and we would watch it together. :(


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13 responses to “MrColionNoir Is Not Black Enough For BET”

  1. Regulus Avatar

    screw BET! I’m so sick of the news race baiting all the time. they cry racism 24-7 while at the same time being racist themselves. This is why i don’t watch tv anymore. I read news, netflix, and youtube and mostly listen to talk radio.

  2. Fuck ’em. With so many avenues in new media to get his message out, MCN doesn’t need to bother with BET.

  3. If I pooed in a paper bag, drew a face on it with a sharpie and asked it to write an article for BET it could have done a better job than Jonathan Hicks. At least that bag would know it was full of shit instead of just spewing it.

  4. Why is this surprising to anyone? If you never worked in the media or a broadcast studio, these days its about pandering to push their agenda & about sucking someone’s dick to keep one’s job.

    Are you surprised that BET is owned by Viacom? Or that the author Jonathan P. Hicks also writes for the NY Times?

    Of course they’re gonna talk shit about MCN. But they don’t want to offend the millions of others Black NRA members or Black gun owners who might be a subscriber to their bread & butter.

    Next you’ll see is Jason Whitlock telling you that MCN is the head of the KKK…

  5. This is the reason racism still exists. Not because of some old fat white dudes or neo-nazis because people in the media perpetuate it. I could care less if Coloin Noir was pink with yellow polka dots I’d still stand by his side as an American.

  6. Their constant dropping of the race card to get their way is much like the boy who called wolf. When there rally is racism to point out no one pays any attention.

    If they’re attacking MCN you know he is on the right track. Keep up the good fight!

  7. Lol. Anyone who makes this whole thing about race is really the true racist. Shame on the media.

  8. Blkenuff Avatar

    I am very saddened on how you have treated one of the brightest black men in america (MrColionNoir). you promote all this “gangsta rap” B.S but when someone of color expresses his views on gun control and our second ammendment rights you treat him like he’s a disgrace to our race. All I can say is shame on you. Look back at history and you will see that the same liberal democrats that you uphold so high were the same ones who were lynching us and calling us niggers durind the civil rights era. If you believe in all this gun control B.S than you my friends have drank the liberal kool aid. First it’s gun control then it’s another freedom. When they start telling you what you can say and play on your network than you might wake up. It’s not to late. Please do your homework, look up statistics and realize that the main word in gun control is “control” and once you let them have it than it’s too late. By the way Im a 43yo black male who whole hartedly believes in the second ammendment and our constitional rights and Im also a NRA member.

    This is the email I sent to B.E.T

  9. ConcernedCitizen Avatar

    First comment I read on the BET article:

    “Hey BET, you could’ve saved some bandwidth and called Mr Noir an “Uncle Tom”. That’s what any black person who doesn’t toe the line of your leftist agenda is, right?”

    That pretty much summarizes it.

  10. dave w Avatar

    Somehow, with all his rap references i always think of this guy
    as ENDO Mike…or should i say Micheal?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      LOL Facemob in the house! I bump that in the car all the time. I have no shame in that though. hahah

  11. It is vintage NRA orthodoxy.

    It is incredible to witness a Black man champion the sale and distribution of guns to a national community that has been devastated by the epidemic of gun violence, in the age of Trayvon Martin, of Hadiya Pendleton.

    Let’s see: Martin essentially attacked Zimmerman. The case is still in pretrial more than a year later. Hadiya Pendleton lived in Chicago where almost no one legally has a firearm and there is no legal concealed carry. How was she shot?

    But let’s blame MCN for telling the truth?

  12. Cuban Pete Avatar
    Cuban Pete

    BET is just full of Uncle Tom N***ers for the DNC and the white liberal establishment.