The Making Of Aliens And A Look At The Prop Guns

Old but good:

Quotable quotes:

Sigourney Weaver (3:50) – “It’s actually hard for me morally to justify being in a film with so many guns.  I just find it very upsetting… I give money to anti-gun legislation.  I don’t even go see movies about guns.”  She goes on and on it part 2 also, but I won’t bother quoting it, and she even admits liking shooting.

Bill Paxton (4:25) – “I love shooting the guns, it’s like the best part of my job”

Al Matthews (6:00) – “I suffer from the Vietnam syndrome.  If you point a gun at me I’m going to shove it down your throat, I’m sorry to say that…. everyone’s instinct is automatically to put their fingers on the trigger, well they stopped doing that on the set with me because I don’t have it.  I really don’t have it… it’s an instinct.  That’s the way I always trained, thank you very much America.  That’s how I was trained, if you put your finger on the trigger while your talking or waving your weapon around I’m going to jam it down your throat, I gotta do that.”

Pulse-Rifle-m41A^ Dude keeps it mad real.

A long time ago I posted that someone built their own replica of the M41A Pulse Rifle using an M1 Thompson submachine gun with a Remington 870 shotgun underneath with the shroud and foregrip of a SPAS 12 covering it. Cool stuff.


Hat tip: Jay


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  1. wtb pulse rifle.

  2. Interesting how Sigourney feels like she is immortal after a couple of days using fake guns. I think that might be a problem in general of too little training and thinking the gun will save you. Your training should save you.

  3. Todd S Avatar

    I noticed Ms. Weaver didn’t turn down her money. Her morals must be very… flexible.

  4. Some people get angry when a mag is called a clip, some people get butt hurt over “hi-cap”. I don’t care, when it comes to that I am a master of zen.

    I will tear your eyes out and skull**** you if I see you around me and mine with your finger on the trigger. “It’s not loaded!” I’ll explain that to your orphaned children after I test the theory on your stupid ass.

  5. Mike, I think this is the video you are talking about in your post (it plays the #10 segment for me):
    I LOVE that transition from Weaver’s dingbat rant to Fort Worth, TX, native Bill Paxton’s huge grin and “I love shooting the guns!”
    Weaver steps out even further in that link you posted, saying “I hate that feeling you get after firing a few rounds, that you’re immortal.” Huh?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      oops I didn’t realize the playlist embed didn’t work, thanks! I fixed it now.

  6. shockfish08 Avatar

    M41A fires 10mm, haters gonna hate! :P

  7. Stay away from the latest game. Oh God, stay away. You’ve been warned!