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  • Tachyon Weapon Mounted Info Display

    For airsoft only right now, but I’m sure there is overwhelming requests this be brought to “real steel” m41a Aliens pulse rifle style: Oh man that dude has a soothing voice… I almost had to have an afternoon nap.  I’m not a fan of InDiEgOgO or KiCkStArTer type sites, but that’s seemingly the only way…

  • The Making Of Aliens And A Look At The Prop Guns

    Old but good: Quotable quotes: Sigourney Weaver (3:50) – “It’s actually hard for me morally to justify being in a film with so many guns.  I just find it very upsetting… I give money to anti-gun legislation.  I don’t even go see movies about guns.”  She goes on and on it part 2 also, but…

  • Plot Device

    Shootout, zombies, aliens… I like how the film style switches with each different genre.

  • Battle: Los Angeles

    Trailer for the new movie coming out March 11, 2011: The U.S. military V.S. aliens hey? Damn that’s a new one. :roll: Regardless of how beaten to death the plot is, the CGI looks amazing. The eerie song is by Icelandic artist Johann Johannsson – Sun’s Gone Dim

  • M41A Pulse Rifle from Aliens

    Remember this gun from the movie: The Marines of the USCMC (United States Colonial Marine Corps) famously use the M41A Pulse Rifle as their standard issue weapon, a futuristic assault rifle with a magazine capacity of 95 rounds of armor piercing ammunition with a pump action 30mm grenade launcher underneath the barrel. This weapon was…