All The Single Ladies To Possibly Exchange Their Guns For Beyonce Tickets


Both Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s teams would have to agree to donate concert tickets. Neither has signed onto the project yet.

Williams likened the program to NYC’s current buyback program that allows New York residents to surrender their guns for $250 cash, saying he would like to launch the program March 23 at a local church if the police department approves.

Full Story – Business Insider

As the article says, it’s not official yet, but the idea is being pitched to her.  I saw Beyonce in concert once, she was quite good.  That said, if NY currently has a $250 buyback program I would definitely rather have the money if I lived there.

Just because I feel like quoting Jay-z from one of my favorite songs “Where I’m From“:

I’m from where you can’t put your vest away and say you’ll wear it tomorrow because the day after they’ll be saying “Damn I was just with him yesterday”

BeyonceCough up a lung where I’m from / ENDO son, ain’t nothin nice.

I like Beyonce the best when she sings / looks good, not when she demands stupid plans.


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11 responses to “All The Single Ladies To Possibly Exchange Their Guns For Beyonce Tickets”

  1. I have no doubt Beyonce will jump at the chance to prove how awesome and progressive and anti-gun she is, despite enjoying the benefits of private armed security forces, and being able to live a comfortable life from being married to a guy who built his entire career rapping about gang violence. Just like how she carries a $45,000 Louis Vuitton purse and probably believes we should pay more in taxes like all good progressives. Oh yes, she’s going to lip-sync and auto-tune her way into even more hearts and minds!

    Stupid elitist cunt.

  2. Andy Wolf Avatar
    Andy Wolf

    I give up. I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

  3. She nasty. Inside and out.

  4. Didn’t jay Z get arrested for unlawful carry?

  5. BBJones Avatar

    She won’t do it because it would cost her money. If she did, people would take those tickets and scalp them. They sell for more than $250 I do believe.

  6. Timmeehh Avatar


  7. She’s a fucking tool.
    Nothing more, nothing less.

  8. matthew james Avatar
    matthew james

    Demand a BECAUSE FUCK YOU.

  9. No questions asked buyback?
    1) make garbage guns
    2) exchange for tickets
    3) sell the tickets to someone else
    4) repeat as needed
    5) profit

    1. John Dennis Avatar
      John Dennis

      Nyanman, Step 6 should be..

      6) Buy more A) Guns B) Ammo C) Gun Accessories

  10. mahlanay Avatar

    hey bbeee its mahla 4rm S.A im yo biggest fan