World’s Largest Revolver – Guinness World Record

Having a Guinness world record for stuff like this is so useless:

It’s a scaled up Remington Model 1859 that took the Polish man 2500 hours to construct.  They say the accuracy is 50 meters.  He should build two and New York reload on attackers.

Worlds-Largest-RevolverShow me the world’s largest Deagle brand Deagle and I’ll be impressed.



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  1. El Duderino Avatar
    El Duderino

    Now, the world’s largest holster can be made. No “your mom” jokes, please.

    Personally I’d go with appendix carry with this thing, my little black book would get a lot more business.

  2. i would love to see this sucker worn on the hip in a holster

  3. This guy made it as an item advertising some gun trading company. Company went bankrupt before end of project (he need someadvance, and their telephone was dead) and maker was left with metal frame only. He and his co-workers thought that they’ll finish the job for themselves. I think that this gun was made for fun and to advertise their metalworking skills. I know that he made something like this earlier, but lot smaller, kind of flintlock gun.

    Possessing guns in Poland, like in most countries after communism is hard subject… To get licence is almost impossible for normal citizen, for carry – forget. You need do prove that your life is in danger, and then they may refuse, because it is very possible that you may realy defend yourself and kill the aggressor. Black powder, split loaded (correct term?), pre 1885 (and working replicas) are legit to posses and use without any permit or registration (same as air guns with projectille energy <17J), but you can't use it to carry or self defense.

    Sorry for poor english, if i made any mistakes :)

  4. I believe that is a 1858 Remington, not a 1959.

    1. A cap and ball from 1959? Come on mike…

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        Yea it was a typo.. the vid description says 1859.

  5. Church Avatar

    That was such a bad video…

  6. matthew james Avatar
    matthew james

    Is that a western glawk?

  7. Put some wheels on it. Small cannon.

  8. the ranger would be mighty quick to best texas red with this.