AK-47 Harlem Shake


AK-47 Selector Switch T-ShirtThis rivals the 2nd Amendment Harlem Shake I posted about a few weeks ago.

As you can see the ENDO AK-47 t-shirt warmed things up.  The pug was a nice touch too haha.


Hat tip: Zach


13 responses to “AK-47 Harlem Shake”

  1. I want to execute the originators of this meme commissar-style

    1. dave w Avatar

      and anyone who has ever taken part in it.

  2. Da Fuqh did I just see someone needs a bangin trip to Mozambique.

  3. ZBalentine Avatar

    Some lead farmin’ motherfuckers, right there.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Consider that line jacked for future use. :P

  4. What is seen cannot be unseen. 0_o

  5. So… pretty much:
    1) Make a video, regardless of quality
    2) Wear an ENDO tee
    3) Get on the blog?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha yes and no. I actually don’t post a surprising number of things with my shirts in them for one reason or another. This video was hilarious though and I would have posted it without the shirt even being in it.

  6. Todd S Avatar

    Bad trigger control and muzzle discipline…

    1. Karkus Avatar

      Apparently you didn’t even watch the video cauae I don’t see any of that. #noob

  7. USSMunkfish Avatar

    It’s weird to see someone else wearing my favorite shirt.

  8. Mike is the second shirt he is wearing your next shirt release?

  9. Show us on the doll where the harlem shake touched you. Some serious harlem shake butthurt here.