Self Defense Is Not An Option

One lady would rather die than defend herself:

Source – The Blaze


1:06 – I can’t believe people that stupid exist.

1:18 – Oh wow, when the reporter asked what happens when someone is trying to kill you.. the answer? “They’ll just have to kill me Christopher”

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  1. James M&P Avatar
    James M&P

    Are we still talking about Trayvon Martin? A guy shot a little boy with a hunting rifle down here in Texas for stealing a chicken and no one gave a damn. Fat Mexican guy shoots a black kid that was beating the shit out of him and the Black Community freaks out! Justified or not, they bent to your pressure and put him on trial. Shut up already.

  2. The Other Andrew Avatar
    The Other Andrew

    Talking Heads telling us how to live once again.

  3. Unfortunately, my home state.
    Hundreds of people? Looked like closer to 37.
    I respect her right not to defend herself. Should a violent attacker come for her, she will have decided not to be prepared and she will be at peace with her fate. That is on her. There has always been pacificts. I am okay with that, just don’t try to make the rest of us suffer your same fate.
    She would be wearing an Obama beanie. One of my coworkers was wearing the same one at work a few weeks ago. I asked him why he supported Obama, he said he didn’t know. I said did you vote for him? He said No, I just support him. Again, I asked why. To which he had no real answer. I asked if he knew why this last election would be so pivotal. He didn’t, he told me that nothing Obama would do would really impact his life directly so he didn’t care that much. Obviously he didn’t know about the appointment of the next few supreme court justices. Come to find out the young man didn’t even know what the Supreme Court was. #SMH

  4. SittingDown Avatar

    Hers must be a miserable life if shes not willing to defend it.

  5. Lt. Col. Duke Lacross Avatar
    Lt. Col. Duke Lacross

    FOR GOD’S SAKE will people understand that both sides of the fence here are against gun violence. Why don’t they just say what they really mean and rename the cause of the rally to “against gun ownership”. I’ve always said that everybody is pro-choice and pro-life, it’s for or against abortion is the correct terminology.

    A thug attacks a Mexican wannabe cop and its national news and causes a huge outcry. Not to mention that we’re forced to see pictures of Treyvon from when he was a scrawny 12 year old and made to look sweet and innocent. What about the photos of Zimmerman’s broken nose, bruises, and cuts on his head? How much airtime did the main stream media devote to that versus how much images of Threyon in a red hollister shirt. These idiots at these rallies are just racists. Plain and simple. The second someone of the same relative skin shade dies they’re up in arms and Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have to get involved and they have a candlelight vigil. That being said in Chicago there are enough school age children that are killed each month that equates to TWO Sandy Hook Elm. incidents a month. Only thing is those are urban children that are victims of black on black crime so nobody gives a hoot meanwhile a bunch of lily white faces get shot in Newtown and everybody cares about those kids and not the ones in urban cities like Chicago.

    1. Matt in FL Avatar
      Matt in FL

      Not trying to be pedantic, but “for or against abortion availability” would really be the correct terminology.

      1. ringo45 Avatar

        No need to add “availability.”

        1. Kill all the babys! Thats what pro choice is all about! Oh wait… Thats not true… hm. So maybe you are wrong?

  6. Lt. Col. Duke Lacross Avatar
    Lt. Col. Duke Lacross

    PS. my life, the lives of my family members, and even strangers on the street whom I don’t even know, are worth protecting. I’ve made the decision to protect life and carry the means to do it.

  7. Techgnome Avatar

    I was at the Day of Resistance rally in my home town and we had counted around 150. That “crowd” was maybe, maybe, 75. And I hate that these protestors and the media outlets keep using older pictures of Trayvon Marin instead of the one showing him as a fit young man flipping off the camera. If a small women was beating your head into the ground in earnest she could kill you simply because of the physics of force and momentum.

  8. “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”
    ― Albert Einstein

  9. Cameron Avatar

    I agree with her first statement: self defense is NOT an option. If you want to stay alive, it’s a necessity.

  10. My mom would also rather die or give up her possessions to a robber than defend herself as well.

    1. Well then we should do what the gun control folks did, and make a database of people who do not have means or will to defend themselves, and make it public!

  11. McCrimminal Avatar

    Challenge Accepted!

  12. 032125 Avatar

    “”I have been repeating over and over again that he who cannot protect himself or his nearest and dearest or their honour by non-violently facing death may and ought to do so by violently dealing with the oppressor. He who can do neither of the two is a burden. He has no business to be the head of a family. He must either hide himself, or must rest content to live for ever in helplessness and be prepared to crawl like a worm at the bidding of a bully.

    But a man who, when faced by danger, behaves like a mouse, is rightly called a coward. He harbors violence and hatred in his heart and would kill his enemy if he could without hurting himself. He is a stranger to nonviolence. All sermonizing on it will be lost on him. Bravery is foreign to his nature. Before he can understand nonviolence, he has to be taught to stand his ground and even suffer death, in the attempt to defend himself against the aggressor who bids fair to overwhelm him.”

    Mahatma Gandhi

    1. 032125 Avatar

      “Cowardice is impotence worse than violence. The coward desires revenge but being afraid to die, he looks to others, maybe to the government of the day, to do the work of defense for him. A coward is less than a man. He does not deserve to be a member of a society of men and women.”

      Mahatma Gandhi

  13. John Dennis Avatar
    John Dennis

    My mother was like that before. “What do you need guns for?!? I’d rather someone kill me than I kill them!” My father equally passionate about guns being evil. Until the time that my brother who used to substance abuse attempted to poison them in their house and I was on vacation. They locked themselves up in their room, grabbed my maglite from my room to use as a club and repeatedly called me long distance to come home. I’m sorry to be mean but I stopped answering the phone and enjoyed my vacation as planned.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahah that’s gold.