NRA News x MrColionNoir – Coming Soon

Hell yeah:

MrColionNoir-NRA-NewsGlad to see the NRA stepping into the 21st century.  MrColionNoir for NRA president? U.S. President? BOTH?! Yeah I’m thinking both is the move.  Like I told MrColionNoir when I talked to him… he damn well better keep it real on there! haha

ENDO Apparel makes appearances in the video too!



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  1. EndoMike works quickly. I like the “ACTION ACTION ACTION NEWS” feel to this.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      *pew pew pew* firing them off at the speed they come out occasionally.

      1. elephantrider Avatar


        I hope you are talking about the videos, and not your bodily functions. Not sure due to the wat you worded that statement.

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          hahah good point… I should have put PAUSE after that.

  2. PAPAG30RG10 Avatar

    Kick-ass. Happy for the guy. He’s put his work in, and is now getting recognized for it.

  3. Let’s just hope he doesn’t sell out. I have “eh” feelings about the NRA.

    1. +10

      I don’t support the NRA because they’re a bunch of sellouts, who don’t want us to have submachine-guns, assault rifles, belt-fed, anti-tank, and anti-air weapons.

      1. BBJones Avatar

        Better to have the NRA or not have them?

        1. The NRA shouldn’t exist outside of its original charter.

          The 2nd Amendment once fully embraced, doesn’t need groups lobbying for it anymore. I shouldn’t need private organizations to support my natural rights as a citizen and human being.

          Politicians and authoritarians have corrupted us, so yes at times we need private money coming in fighting fascists. But when we win, and there are no more fights left for the NRA, they should disband or go back to their original charter completely. I shouldn’t have to send them money over fear-mongering, especially to a group that is willing to compromise. You’re better off sending your money to the GOA, JFPO, or your own state’s no compromise gun lobby group(s).

      2. you have to realize that the NRA of today is just a bit different from the NRA of yesteryear. To some extent it reflects the ideals of the membership, which is always changing. They are not going to roll over on assault weapons and high capacity magazines like they did last time.

        Now, they still have plenty of facepalm moments, I could’ve shot LaPierre myself when he said violent videogames are the cause.

  4. TigerStripe Avatar

    Yes! He *might* shake things up…

  5. MatthewJames Avatar

    777/10. He better say “really, dude” as often as possible.

  6. I’ll join the NRA just to vote him for president.

  7. ChrisM Avatar

    Good for him. He’s a great voice for the cause.

  8. Taylor TX Avatar
    Taylor TX

    Shit, happy someone worth listening to will actually be broadcasting a message for the NRA. I have grown so very tired of Wayne LaPierre. I saw this on The Blaze this morning as well and got a good laugh out of it, as to most of internet gun culture he is far from new, glad to see a fellow Texan getting their recognition.

  9. You’re about to come into a lot of money Mike. :)

  10. Hell fucking yes, He is an amazing well spoken advocate and I am so happy about this.

  11. Regulus Avatar

    Dude I love this guy! He’s really nice too. He even messaged me on fb when I still had mine. We r both in the Houston area!!

  12. NorCal Avatar


  13. I’d vote for him, but first I need to know how to pronounce his name!

    1. Coe- lee – on

      No -are

      1. Witch Craft!

  14. The Juno Avatar
    The Juno

    Awesome as all hell.

  15. SittingDown Avatar

    Congrats, MrC

  16. Not partisan? WTF!!!! The Demoncrat Party is specifically dedicated to ending the right to keep and bear arms. Get real.

  17. I’m f’in psychic. I said CN for pres a few days back and look now…haha!

    Shit…I should have played the Damn lotto!!!!

  18. Dom P. Avatar

    Awesome video. NRA needs to spend some of our money and start putting lots of commercials during primetime media.

  19. Drifter Avatar

    I like the commercial, but I agree that the long-term goal should be to get MCN out in front of “the public”, not just the fraction of the population that watches NRA news. The NRA needs more non-OWGs as spokespeople.

    Oh, and it’s MISTER Colion Noir. Calling him “Colion Noir” is like calling Lebowski “Dude” instead of “The Dude.”

  20. I call my dick MISTER so I didn’t wanna insult’ “the dude.”