Rob Lowe Literally Doesn’t Care Much About Your Gun Rights

Him and Piers have a calm conversation:

My first thought was “Damn that guy has majestic hair” then I whispered “no homo” to myself.  But just like a good looking girl who becomes less attractive if you talk to her and realize she’s dumb, Rob Lowe’s hair lost its luster on me the more and more he didn’t stick up for gun rights during the interview.

At 0:56 when Rob Lowe said he didn’t have assault weapons, I wish he would have said “But I do have an AR-15, which idiots like you improperly label assault weapons as a scare tactic”

1:26 – OMG… again Piers is on the “I just don’t get the assault weapon thing”.  Maybe if he listened when authorities on the topic tried to educate him, rather then talking over top of them he would “get” it.

Piers-MorganOne of the only things Rob Lowe said that I really agreed with was “The last thing viewers want is another hollywood actor telling them anything about guns, pro or con.”

Check out the other more rowdy Piers Morgan interviews if you haven’t seen them.



27 responses to “Rob Lowe Literally Doesn’t Care Much About Your Gun Rights”

  1. I’ve always liked Rob Lowe… but honestly… he was kind of a vagina in that interview…

    1. Honesty the only thing I can ever remember seeing him in was Tommy Boy.

  2. Piers has me so confused. All guns are bad, some guns are bad, only really scary guns are bad, we should ban them, we should confiscate them, we can’t confiscate them so we shouldn’t ban them, we can’t confiscate them but we should ban them anyway… what does he actually believe?

  3. Piers is getting great viewership out of this gig.

  4. I am so glad I don’t have cable TV. I would have shot it by now. :-p

    Morgan is an idiot. Morgan was interviewed by Charlie Rose recently. Part of Morgan’s problem is he refuses to educate himself with facts and goes with the emotional arguments.

    As far as Lowe goes — he doesn’t appear to be actively hypocritical, and at least admits he really doesn’t have an answer.

  5. I’m sure there was some backlash after the cast of Parks and Rec appeared in that “Demand a Plan” video, but I can’t remember if Lowe was in it. Certainly, Nick Offerman (aka Ron Swanson) has lost his Libertarianism :-p

  6. CNN and the shows producers must have been frantically looking for a ‘soft interview’ for Piers to deal with after all the intellectual beatings he has been taking from informed gun rights people like Larry Pratt and Ben Shapiro. Is there anyone who hasn’t handed Piers Morgan his ass in one way or another? I think not:

  7. Was that homo comment necesary. Certainly not funny . This site has a tons of great content. But every once in awhile i’ll find a stray comment like this that makes me question the amount of respect the author should be given.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Sweet lord some of you guys are sensitive. “No Homo” is a colloquial expression… if you’re not familiar with it check urban dictionary or something. To answer your question, yes it was necessary, and I’m sure most people found it funny.

      1. I found it funny

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          hahah nice

    2. I found it funny, even if protested too much.

      Once you submit to PCBS, it’s over.

    3. Caleb Melton Avatar
      Caleb Melton

      It’s funny as hell

  8. Funny, I remember Rob being the staring voice actor in Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

    Yeah he’s got troubles with violent video games, they don’t pay him big checks for easy voice over works!

    Overall a good interview. I think the point he missed was he didn’t realize they’re coming for HIS guns too!

  9. There was a country who was facing invasion, that leader came to America asking for guns, The American People Responded to help the People who were in fear of losing their country. The Americans at the Time were Poor and jobless, But we Never Faltered. We Sent them Our Guns To Defend their land and to Protect their people. They Didn’t Refuse the Guns but Took them Gratefully. Do People now know What country that was? It was BRITAIN. During the Second Great War Awaiting the German Invasion. Damn Hypocrite. and of Note we Never got those Guns Back.

    1. i think those guns were part of lend lease for military bases around the world among other things, and the final repayment for ships etc, was made to the US in 2006.

      1. Peace mongers hide behind the people with guns.

        1. The chair is against the wall

          1. Molasses tomorrow will bring forth cognac

          2. Good one.

  10. Well I like Parks and Rec a little more now.

  11. I just want one person on the Piers Morgan show, when asked about guns, to look Pirers right in the eye and say:

    “George Orwell, perhaps the greatest English political satirist of the 20th Century once said ‘That rifle on the wall of the labourer’s cottage or working class flat is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there.’ Your people have turned in your rifles. You have abdocated your democracy. We have not, and god willing, we will not. The AR-15 is the Enfield of my generation. And to have it hanigng on my middle class wall is the symbol of American democracy.”

  12. Fireman1291 Avatar

    I love your blog!

    No homo!

    Lol I just really wanted to say no homo no homo no homo no homo lmfao

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahah love you bro. #NoHomo

  13. Wait, wasn’t he a pedophile? got Caught sleeping with underage girl way back when on camera?

  14. I have only two questions:
    1. Who the hell is Rob Lowe?
    2. Why the hell should I care what he has to say about guns?

    I have my answer of question 1 after a quick perusal of IMDB (not impressed) and question 2 goes unanswered.