Should New Yorkers Be Allowed To Have Handguns?

Some good old fashioned phone trolling:

Phone trolling was so personal, it was great because The feedback was instant and measurable.  Until internet troll-analytics is invented, it will be difficult to ever do anything but guess at the response your clever typed message evoked.


The most advanced troll ever would have been if someone called up and mentioned something about 7 round magazines… only to have it come true slightly over 22 years later.  We could call it Looper-Trolling.


Hat tip: Cyl


10 responses to “Should New Yorkers Be Allowed To Have Handguns?”

  1. This is fucking epic.

  2. Good stuff, bonus points for threatening him with guns.

  3. Lol. I was rolling.

  4. Hard_Harry Avatar

    “Are you the cable doctor?”

  5. This was epic. But at the same time this guy handled the trolls WAY better than Yeager.

  6. I almost forgot the good old days of cable access shows

    1. Hard_Harry Avatar

      If I’m honest, I’d have to say I kind of miss those days. Growing up in L.A. we had a lot of these access shows up until the mid to late 90’s. On the other hand if you wanted a little more production value there was always Wally George over on KDOC!

  7. That was hilarious. He seems like a nice guy I know I would have been yelling back at some point if it was me answering the phone.


  8. bandroidx Avatar

    FUCKING EPIC! Great find.

  9. reminds me of watching morton downey Jr