Gun Confiscation Song

A line has been drawn in song:

AR-15 Black Rifle T-ShirtFXhummel1 tells us how he feels about restrictive laws and confiscations.  Looking dapper as always, this time in the ENDO AR-15 Black Rifle t-shirt.

Buck Yeager influenced?  Possibly… FXHummel was at Tactical Response for a training course.  I was waiting for the “I’ll kill anyone that tries to take my guns” line.



5 responses to “Gun Confiscation Song”

  1. USSMunkfish Avatar

    the dude could give up bacon

  2. Never give up bacon. Seriously.

  3. This dude needs a proper studio and proper recording equipment in his house already…

    1. So ture he does great work.

  4. I don’t know about anyone else by I thought The Internet Gun Expert Song was pretty damn funny.