Buck Yeager Takes Shirt Off To Prove He’s Not A Racist

Buck Yeager gives so few shits (so he says) but he actually cares so much what everyone thinks:

Out of all the things to respond to, the classic “You’re a racist because you have tattoos, a beard and a shaved head” that seems a bit ridiculous unless he was just looking for an excuse to take his shirt off on camera, which I’m almost positive was the ulterior motive.  We all know, anyone who is racist advertises it with full ink on their upper body.

He then goes on to tell us what a good guy he is… “good guy Yeager” fo’ sho’.  That whole stay in the team room for free thing is actually crazy generous, that actually does really impress me.

James-Yeager-Angel-ApprovedAnyway the TLDW of this all is Buck Yeager isn’t a racist because he says so, and doesn’t have any racist tattoos *shifty eyes*. Take his word for it that he would 100% shoot a black guy or a mexican guy that came to take his guns, just as quickly as as he’d shoot a white guy or a woman.



27 responses to “Buck Yeager Takes Shirt Off To Prove He’s Not A Racist”

  1. I like reading your blog posts but do you really have to talk about James Yeager EVERYDAY the guy is a tard we get it…

    1. TheUnicorn Avatar


    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Yes… yes I do. You still don’t have to read it though. If you’re forced to, I’ll send operators in Blackhawks to bust you out.

  2. Matt its a conspiracy Mike has a man crush on James.

  3. Crunkleross Avatar

    Since he seems found of remarking about the size of other guys penises I hope for the sake of the internets that no one makes a disparaging remark about the size of his penis. If someone does please Mike don’t post the video, think of the children.

  4. Yeager must be doing quite well for himself if he can entertain “hundreds” of minorities in any given year. I am a ( somewhat ) successful small business owner and I might entertain 100 individuals in any given year. I couldn’t tell you the number of “minorities” as I generally invite people to my home based on who, not what, they are.

  5. The beard simple is….a “Flavor Savor”! for his wife of course. haha

    1. ah misspelled my name this morning…i blame being tired.

  6. Bring back ZZ-Top…

  7. croppedxout Avatar

    My favorite part is “how many mexicans did you invite to Christmas dinner?” and “hundreds of minorities and women.” Also the thing he says about assuming hipsters wearing skinny jeans being gay I totally understand… It’s like when you see a bald hillbilly with tattoos and a nordic viking beard and then automatically assuming he is racist…

  8. his videos vary depending on whether they are done before or after his shots i think.

    1. One might wonder what type of “shots” you’d be referring to. I’d wager that a number of Yeager’s videos were recorded after a few shots…

  9. paul kimble Avatar
    paul kimble

    fuck hipsters and their sisters jeans.

  10. So Yeager welcomes every religion? Including Nazi Mysticism? RAYCIST! And of course he claims he had Mexicans over for christmas dinner, but where are the pictures James?

    And hes a homophobe too for calling people gay.

    1. paul kimble Avatar
      paul kimble

      u mad fag?

  11. I may take inspiration from today’s posts and form a hardcore punk band called “Buck Yeager’s Aryan Rape Van”.

    1. LMAO, YES, DO IT! Long live BYARV!

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      LOL I had this comment bookmarked to respond to, and then Saxon’s comment made me laugh again.

      1. Be sure to get BYARV’s new album “Punch Monkey”, featuring the hit “DUEL RAGE (take my guns and you die)”. Available in national socialist record stores near you.

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          I picture punks with white van appliques safety-pinned onto their hardcore leather jackets below the standard ramones logo.

          1. For a complete logo, The white van has to be windowless and include the aryan brotherhood logo, a light red van beard on the grill, and a gaggle of women running away!

          2. Maybe Buck would finally wear a Black Mag shirt!

  12. I’m beginning to think that Yeager really is Buck Angel, next he’ll be trying to show us his tactical assless chaps or something.

  13. I got a pal who’s tall, bald, of German decent, and most of his clothes are all black. He gets accused of being a skinhead all the time, particularly by LE. No tats though. But yeah, he draws the eye in a crowd.

  14. I’m a skinhead, but that’s because i refuse to do the comb-over. :(

  15. I’m not a racist either. I have all Bruce Lee’s films on DVDDDDDD!!!

  16. Thomas M. Avatar

    I am sure Yeager is laughing all the way to the bank.