Assault Weapon Swiper No Swiping

Yea I dropped a Dora The Explorer reference in the title… deal with it :)


Head over to to take a look.

A good read, and a good link to pass around to anybody you know who needs to be informed.

Maybe I’m just “old school” but having to swipe my finger 50 times to read 50 sentences wears on me after the first 5 swipes.  #FirstWorldProblems I suppose…


Hat tip: Jared, Chris, Sean


4 responses to “Assault Weapon Swiper No Swiping”

  1. He should have had a line at the end –“How many times did you swipe or press the key? That is how many bullets you would have fired with any semi-automatic weapon. The number was ## times.”

    1. MosinMango Avatar

      Oh dang…and I used my scary black assault keyboard too…capable of hundreds of words per minute of rapid fire typing…

  2. MosinMango Avatar

    Epic…but now there’s a blister on my finger…

  3. The only problem I have with it, well, two problems with it. One is that it kinda seems like it’s ok to hate on machine guns. It’s not, they’re just a tool, and the 2nd means we should have them. Second, the rate of fire thing. You can’t really fire a M16 950 times in one minute. First off there is no magazine that size :) A better metric would’ve been that it can empty a 30 round magazine in a little under two seconds. And then on the semi-auto side it says they can be fired up to 45-60 times a minute? wtf? I am pretty damns sure I can empty a mag in fiveish seconds. If you can tap your finger six times a second for five seconds you can, too. Aside from that though it was really very good.