Marine Joshua Boston Calmly Serves Piers Morgan

Piers uses his usual buzzwords; “assault” “killing machines” etc… but surprisingly treats this guest with respect:

A sharp contrast from the Alex Jones mess.  Joshua Boston is the type of guy I’d like people to think, of and associate with the terms “gun owner”, “gun enthusiast”, or even “veteran”.  There is currently so much of a stigma attached to all three of those.

Marine-Joshua-Boston-USMCYou can read the letter he wrote to Feinstein, over at CNN.



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  1. Piers Morgan seems to never listen when people say the 2nd is there to protect the people from the government. That is its true intent, self defense is a given but the ability to fight tyranny is the main goal of the 2nd.

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  3. We need more people like this guy. He’s very confident, calm and well spoken. We must keep fighting hard for the Constitution and for freedom. We can’t let this go to a violent war and when we win this battle we must make sure this ridiculous arguement can never happen again. The government shouldn’t even think of trashing our Constitution. This is not a communist dictatorship. We will remain a free people.

    1. Yep. The other guy looked like a raving loon and a poster child of someone who would shoot “every mother fucker in the room” as said by Sam Jackson in Jackie Brown :)

      I tried to make this point privately with some friends and was told by a fan of Alex that I just didn’t ‘get’ him. Sorry, he looked nuts. He was screaming, waving his hands, pointing threateningly. People who see that and then The Daily Show and Conan pointing fun at it are only going to remember that by the time Alex was done he was saying that the government was going to assassinate him now and roll their eyes and ignore and ‘be ok’ with banning something that ‘that crazy guy’ was all for.

      Add in the conspiracy theorists on the right wing blogosphere that are saying Obama did this, and the worse one where they say one of the little girls is alive and Obama is holding her from her family. Shit like that will get sharp sticks banned.

      1. Rob Crawford Avatar
        Rob Crawford

        Those conspiracy nuts are ignored or challenged on the sites I frequent.

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    1. Most people wont have the balls to say this when the shit hits the fan. I’ve been trained by the best for the last 18 years so im more then ready!

  5. Yeah, stay cool let Mr. Piers say what he wants to to (free country on speach). Also, that “Gen. Stanley” knows nothing about ballistics and how bad 5.56/.223 rem. has always been.

    1. I read some where. back when the army was in somalia, they would shoot the “skinnies” (with their issued 5.56mm M16 rifles) but they wouldn’t stay down. they would get back up, grab their AK’s and fire back.

      1. Simply put when we went to the heavier rounds with different bullet construction (M855 being the newer, heavier, “barrier blind” round vs the older and lighter XM193), the damage done was different. XM193, the 55gr round would travel at 3,000fps out of the longer m-16 barrels and would basically fragment on impact with flesh. It would cause awful wounds that were difficult to treat.

        The newer, heavier steel core M855 “green tip” does not have the same fragmenting capabilities and will often just zip right through the target without doing much damage.

        1. Hah

      2. No issuse was that the 5.56 would just zip becaus .t them taks to long to upset.

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        Those people that got back up were probably high on khat, too.

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    Calm, collected, and would cut Morgans throat in an instant. Just like some guys I know

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    Cuban Pete

    Honest, sincere, polite, but could not put forth a simple constitutional argument if his life depended upon it.

    ps. I can’t stand that whole “thank your for your service” crap. Next time a civilian thanks me for my service I’m going to flip out!

    1. Yep, woulda been nice to see someone prepared with some proper examples and arguments. At least it was a start..after that Jones loon.

    2. Do me a favor. Ask if the person is a vet before you flip out. I did my time in a non-combat era USAF. I can’t say I know what you’ve been through. But I know it takes a tiny, little bunch of guts to volunteer.

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    Piers Morgan is blinded by hatred and irrational fear of an inanimate object. It’s like watching a witch doctor stab his voodoo doll and then gets frustrated and angry when it fails to kill the object of his hatred.

    1. Whoa up there!

      No need to bring religion into this argument. As the Lustrous Pontentate of the Mormo-Wiccan faith, I can kill you with a doll avatar (please use quit using the derogative voodoo doll term) if I wanted. As a matter of fact, I have crafted a doll avatar and named if SittingDown. Right now, I am causing your put to itch, you are scratching your head, and smiling. I did that.

      For $500 an hour, I have a doll avatar of Jessica Biel that I could put with your doll avatar. Unless your wife would object.

  9. assault rifles are designed only for the military and civilians shouldn’t own them.. that’s why they were already banned years ago.

    “some members of my family would of been out there fighting with you..” yeah, that’s why you published a fake story hurting the british military.

    1. phil o sophy Avatar
      phil o sophy

      If you mean machine guns, civilians can, do and SHOULD have them. Only post ’86 are banned. Everything else is just under the NFA and prohibitively expensive.

      1. yeah.. that’s the one. post ’86 productions.

        they’re all hyped up about banning something that was already banned. so much derp !!

  10. Ya this guy is what we need as a spokeman, calm, collected, respectful, and preaches the good point.

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    John Grammaticus

    Bloody hell, this guy is an iceberg of calm logic drifting towards the opponent to inevitably crush him, even I felt I need to doublecheck my assumptions, thank gods I agreed with everything he says.

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    John Grammaticus

    Mike, check this out this guy is on a war using high capacity calmness and assault logic.

    1. hahaha.. “big clips” !! :D

      1. SittingDown Avatar

        Former Marine? Once a Marine, always a Marine. Can’t these people at CNN get anything right?

  13. Other than being nervous on big time TV (knowing many many people are listening can make you freeze up live), he did a fine job. Good on ya mate.

    1. a warfighter getting nervous and freezing up when cameras are pointed at him? … With all due respect, I sure hope that doesn’t reflect how he acts in a real war situation where guns are pointed at him…

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        This just in.. cameras are the same as guns. BAN CAMERAS! :P

      2. Yah because they spend 6 weeks of basic training discussing public speaking, how to talk to camera while being in a remote studio, and not getting annoyed by the 3 second audio delay.

        Cliff – you win stupid comment of the day.

        1. ^ he’s mad

      3. Yep. Completely rational thought.

  14. I was very impressed by Joshua in this clip. I don’t understand how nobody on Piers Morgan’s show ever brings up time magazine’s list of “most wanted” guns. In that list it shows that the most commonly used guns in crimes are not ar-15’s, its the old .38 revolvers.

  15. AR-15 is NOT an assault rifle. It’s not about the ‘need’ to own one but rather a ‘right’ to own one. We are still living in the dark ages full of fear mongering witch burners…

    1. Yeap I feel fear an my dick small

    2. What IF I MISS

  16. I like this kid. Get him some quick reference cards and he would be deadly on the tv in debates. He is already taking chunks out of the radical media like Piers.

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    Completely agree with Mr. Joshua Boston. Although the AR-15 is dangerous, along with ALL other self-defense weapons from muskets, shotguns, handgun all the way to a kitchen knife. The AR-15 rifle that is available to civilians is nothing close to the variant that the military wields. The AR-15 is not the only semi-automatic firearm on the market that can be purchased. I think it is unfair that the rifle that is commonly placed in a military category when it is simply not the same weapon. Looks are deceiving to the uneducated. Yes, it looks like a military weapon, but the functionality of an AR-15 firearm is to fire one round per trigger pull. The functionality of an M-16, or any firearm that military men and women wield can fire every single bullet with one trigger pull in a matter of 5 seconds. I believe that type weapon that can fire at that velocity with that rate of fire should not be allowed in any hands other than military and specially trained police officers. But, the AR-15 or AK-47, when semi-automatic, should be aloud to be owned because it is simply a better form of self and family defense against someone who breaks into my house with the same firearm. I don’t want a handgun when someone breaks in with an AR-15 because my odds of survival have diminished close to none. If anyone is reading this, please put yourself in that position. It is too late to attempt to ban a specific type of firearm when they are already out in the hands of many. Please, consider what I said for those who obey the law and are trying to pursue life, liberty, and the ability to defend our property.

    1. I believe that type weapon that can fire at that velocity with that rate of fire should not be allowed in any hands other than military and specially trained police officers.

      Why not? Just because the former military immediately all their training? Because the only use for a full automatic weapon is to fight LEO coming to control you?

      I don’t want a handgun when someone breaks in with an AR-15 because my odds of survival have diminished close to none.

      In a close combat situation (under 30 feet) the damage from a pistol round, a rifle round or a shotgun are realistically nihl. If I put a .45 slug or a .223 round through your heart at 15 feet, you are probably go to be dead. In addition, most burglaries are not done with a twenty inch rifle. It will generally be a pistol.


      You have the right ideas, but you need to educate yourself before posting crap like this.

  18. Piers Morgan seem to be A LOT more calm now, after the petition to deport him reacherd +100.000 sings. :-)

  19. I can’t help but wish that Boston corrected him when he kept calling the AR-15 an assault rifle. It isn’t select-fire; it’s not an assault rifle. I also wish he would point out that plenty of “sporting purpose” rifles fire the same round and much bigger rounds. Bullets are designed to do damage. They wouldn’t be very useful if they weren’t.

  20. didn’t holmes kill more people with his pistols than with the rifle he was carrying? didn’t it jam because he was using drum mags?

    All a moot point imho, the kid had liberal access to chemicals at the campus that could have been used to make a bomb. hell, anyone with access to fertilizer can make them.

  21. *slow clap* This is how you handle talking to this D-Bag!

  22. I really like this guy.