Break A Leg They Said – You Did – You’ll Still Be Tactical They Said

Apparently they were right for once*:


In my opinion the entire crutch should be a long barreled shotgun, with all that stuff mounted on a side saddle.

I can’t help but think someone with a broken leg and a setup like this could be disarmed with one swift kick… probably not the most ideal.

*High capacity assault feline not included.


Hat tip: SayUncle


11 responses to “Break A Leg They Said – You Did – You’ll Still Be Tactical They Said”

  1. Seems like the biggest fucking waste of money other than the Buck Yeager energy drink idea.

    1. Relax Francis. Seeing as how it appears several parts are attached with zipties, this probably falls into the category of “joke”…

  2. The cat looks scared. Maybe the shottie is attached to the crutch he’s using while taking the pic.

    1. I definitely love its expression…

    2. I think that i’m more afraid of the cat than the guns…

      That’s it, Ban Assault Kittens! Think of the children!

  3. That cat is so scared it looks like he pooped a packing peanut.

    1. SittingDown Avatar


  4. Looks like someone found a use for all the spare gizmos in the gun safe

  5. Is that assault cat registered?

  6. My only question is how is the guy carrying the AR and the shotgun with the broken leg?