FPS Russia’s Manager Keith Ratliff Found Dead

This is shady:

Investigators determined Ratliff had died of a single gunshot to the head and that his body been there for some time. Thomas said investigators found numerous guns in the area where Ratliff’s body was found.


FPS-RussiaThe article says police are treating the death as a homicide, but who knows maybe it will turn out to be a suicide?  Not that either one has a happy ending.

I didn’t think I knew who the guy was until I saw his twitter account, and then remembered posting a video on Maglite suppressors he did.

32 years old only… R.I.P. Keith.


Thanks a lot to everyone that sent the story in…. too many to list.


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  1. blackbear Avatar

    it is rather strange to say the least considering the popularity of FPS Russia. these things usually happen in 3’s, so if one more death occurs to someone related to the gun community…conspiracy!

    1. <|:) Feinstein's goons did it. <|:)

      1. That’s not very funny.

        1. Curtis LeMay Avatar
          Curtis LeMay

          I don’t think it’s funny either.
          Those scum are capable of anything.

    2. Quint Young Avatar
      Quint Young

      Here’s my completely baseless theory, someone decided to break into his house after seeing the guns featured on the FPSRussia channel and deciding that they, as a criminal, needed one of these. They encountered Mr.Ratliff and shot him, quickly leaving after having fired a shot, knowing it would attract attention.

      Or Kyle (FPS Russia himself) did it

      1. Curtis LeMay Avatar
        Curtis LeMay

        They tied him to a chair & shot him in the back of the head. Also stole no guns.

  2. Damn, that’s a crazy story. I wonder how it will pan out.

  3. H8teraid Avatar

    Take this with a grain of salt, but rumor is Keith Ratliff was sort of known as a shady businessman around those parts. Its just conjecture, but there is the possibility he crossed the wrong man at some point.

    1. Cory07ink Avatar

      Bull Shit. No he wasn’t. He was known all over the firearm community as a great dude. Always had a smile on his face and made everyone always feel welcome. He loved everything firearms and was a big supporter of the 2nd Amendment. There wasn’t to many guys in the gun industry that didn’t know him.

  4. derpmaster Avatar

    Why the hell does FPS Russia need a manager? Does he actually need management and planning to run around a farm shooting Tannerite from 10 yards away with no ear or eye protection?

    1. H8teraid Avatar

      He isn’t actually a manager. He just supplied some of the harder to find weapons and had some other business dealings with FPSRussia.

      1. Sayvandelay Avatar

        He was definitely a founder. The building he was in when he was killed was FPS Russia industries. A gunsmithing shop that he owned. He IS FPS Russia. Kyle is basically just the host

    2. Sayvandelay Avatar

      He was the one who actually procured and/or owned the weapons. Without him FPS Russia would just be another shooting channel.

  5. TheUnicorn Avatar

    “It was reported that he was found tied to a chair and shot in the back of the head” [http://www.topix.com/forum/city/frankfort-ky/TF7BSLPVVF7EIFRV6]


    1. H8teraid Avatar

      There is no evidence of that other than some random person on a BBS saying it.

      1. TheUnicorn Avatar

        …yes, hence why I posted the LINK!

        1. H8teraid Avatar

          topix is a bbs. Its not a news site.

        2. Sayvandelay Avatar

          They’ve confirmed he was not tied up.

    2. BubbaHotep Avatar

      Sounds like a suicide. But I’d in a more typical suicide scenario I’d expect more gunshot wounds, most likely form multiple angles at the same time.

      1. I don’t know if I’m misunderstanding, but are you saying in a “typical suicide scenario” you’d expect to find multiple GSWs in the person who committed suicide’s (suicidee? *shrug*) body/head?

        I think that if someone were to commit suicide via a firearm, it would be through the head, and that would either take 1 shot to do it right, or after one shot, they’d be too horribly incapacitated if they did it wrong to take a second

        1. Steve D. Avatar

          BubbaHoTep was being sarcastic… as in, that’s the normal story given for these suspicious deaths that involve someone speaking out against the government and then turning up dead.

          I believe it was an Executive Order hit, either to make an example of what happens for speaking out, or to suppress his rallying cries to support the Second Amendment. I could be wrong though – maybe one of Bloomberg’s mafia goons did it.

  6. I wouldnt be surprised if FPS Russia himself didnt accidentally kill the man via stupid weapons handling antics. (Note: not saying that he did this, but he has put others in danger before)

    1. MosinMango Avatar

      Yeah man, did you see that truck door almost hit him in the recent video?

      1. Just saw it, the Grim Reaper must be on vacation.

      2. Matt N. Avatar

        ya, that was nuts

      3. CopaMundial Avatar

        Note the date on that exploding truck video: DRD Paratus-18 (Suit Case Gun) Published on Jan 3, 2013.

        From the 921wlhr new report:
        “According to Franklin County Sheriff Stevie Thomas, the body of 32-year old Keith Ratliff of Frankfort, Kentucky was found about 5:45p Thursday evening.”

        So by “Thursday evening” they mean Jan 3rd… just hours after FPSRussia uploaded that video where he blew up the truck.

        I hope to god that’s a coincidence.

        1. H8teraid Avatar

          Do you really think they film that shit and publish it the same day? Shooting is done days before, then edited, then released.

  7. Steve In Delray Avatar
    Steve In Delray

    FPSRussia is still a twat.

  8. It is funny to speculate about this, because no one knows what all Mr. Ratliff had going on in his life. There are so many reasons people take their own lifes. More importantly we should send out our Thoughts and Prayers to his family and friends.

  9. If its a murder, I hope that others associated with the channel are not being targeted next :(

    1. MosinMango Avatar

      Not just FPS russia either…Iraqveteran8888, gunwebsites, and military arms channel are all also associated with this guy I believe.

  10. Maybe after “shooting” the video he had too much vodka and really got “shot”. Its a tragedy none the less and I hope they find the murderer. One of the suspects though will definitely be FPS!

  11. They are killing gun leaders within the culture in advance of banning guns.

    The shootings are staged – the Batman movie references both Aurora and Sandy Hook, what are the chances?

    If you think this is impossible I suggest you visit http://www.CrisisActors.org

    Watch your backs!!!!

  12. I literally just talked to Keith about 2 weeks ago. Wow.

  13. What? I read from another source that his car drove off a rode and that he flew through the windshield, nothing about a gun.

    1. Pretty sure you’re talking about Noveski. Two tragedies too soon together.

  14. now 3

  15. Chris Kyle: Ex-US Navy Seal Sniper Shot Dead

  16. 4,or mike has taken another day off :(