Alex Jones Pulls A “Piers Morgan” On Piers Morgan Himself

I’m not a fan of this style of “interview”… extremely useless:

2:15… well that escalated quickly.

Part II:

Too much unnecessary finger pointing, yelling, and mocking by Alex Jones for my liking.  He could be the most intelligent man on the planet, but he just comes across as being nuts most of the time with his “new world order” and 9/11 conspiracy talk etc…


5:44 – What is this, kindergarten?  You’re a grown-ass man Alex.. act like one.

Make sure to check out the past Piers Morgan on gun control interviews I posted if you haven’t already seen them.

I know a lot of you have disagreed with me in the past when I said Ted Nugent wasn’t a good 2nd Amendment ambassador, and I’ll go on the record as adding Alex Jones to that list as well.

Alex Jones after the interview:

Why couldn’t he have been as calm on Piers’ show as he was in the above clip? I suppose a lot of it has to do with the fact Piers would have talked over him. Still a lot of batshit crazy stuff in this video too though.



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  1. Mike, I agree that Alex got rather heated in his “discussion” with Piers. BUT, having watched a few of Piers’s interviews with other guests who were attempting to be civil and support the very logic, history and reason that Alex was describing, I have no doubt in my mind, that if it wasn’t Alex, Piers would have lowered this “discussion” to that level by shouting overtop his guest as he has done EVERYTIME. It appears, Alex refused to fall victim to that same mockery and simply shot as much logic, relevant history and reason out of his mouth, as quickly as he could before the commercial break. Any citizen that still watches that disgusting network needs to hear that information so the shit bird of reality can blow them off their high horse and into the stark realization that we are on the verge of becoming as neutered as the rest of the sorry world that surrounds us today. So God bless Alex Jones for having the balls, and God bless America. Oh, and FUCK you Piers Morgan.

    1. Yes, if Alex hadn’t been so over the top, Piers would have been the one shouting, interrupting and acting like an immature dweeb. And truly, that’s the way it should be. The way we come off looking better for our side is not to out-asshole Piers, but to let him stand out as the insane one.

      The best way to handle Piers Morgan was done by Larry Pratt, who remained calm, had the facts at his disposal, and was mildly mocking, which infuriated Piers and made him flip out even more. We’re the ones with guns—we can’t afford to come off looking unhinged as we try to convince the average non-gun-owning American that they shouldn’t be afraid of us.

  2. Skinnerrrr Avatar

    That was great, getting a taste of his own medicine and Morgan just did not like it, he seemed a little sheepish.

  3. SittingDown Avatar

    I would love to see a UFC sanctioned bout between Morgan and Jones. LOL

  4. Alex worked backwards in my opinion. Everyone sitting at home watching this rubbish, that is not knowledgable about guns, sat there and had justifiable reason to believe pro-gunners are fucking nuts.
    After the interview some other guy came on and said(don’t quote my exact words) “I would be affraid to have a conversation with him in his home. If he got mad, who knows what he might do. I’m scared he would shoot me.” Like I said, the normal people who are not in the gun community probably all agreed with him.
    I don’t agree with how he acted on TV.

    1. I agree completely. Not to mention bringing up the conspiracy talk just makes him look like a crazy person. This is probably why he allowed him to talk the whole time and on the show in the first place.

  5. Andrew Saliga Avatar
    Andrew Saliga

    As great as it was to see someone yelling at Piers like that, I agree that Jones came across as nuts in tonight’s interview. If Jones were to condense the amount of information and convey it in a concise (and calm) manner, he’d be more effective. Instead, I feel Piers took advantage of Jone’s personality type to get him fired up, let him ramble on and on, making him look like a loon. Piers realized that if he maintained his cool that Alex would self-destruct. Pier’s final decision to not stick with the topic at hand and ask about 9/11 was his final way of painting Alex as a crazy conspiracy theorist, and Alex took the bait hard.

  6. SittingDown Avatar

    Alex Jones in his hotel after the Piers Morgan “interview”:

    Brrrruuupp Brrruuppp! Bloomberg Town. LOL

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Thanks! Added it to the post.

  7. Punish3r Avatar

    I agree with Alex’s message and I am greatly against Piers Morgan, however this could have been handled calmer with a better outcome. I too am very patient about my guns and I wont give up a single thing and agree if uncle sam tried to take them all hell would break loose in america. I cant help but smile a tad at the British jabs!

  8. Awetopsy Avatar

    We don’t need ambassadors, we need warriors. Sometimes it is the crazy ones you want on your side. The other guys let Purse Morgan walk all over them, insult them, and even accuse them of laughing at the dead kids.

    -And to anyone crying about Jones making gun nuts look bad, too late. They already think we’re all a bunch of school shootings waiting to happen. If they thought we were all sane, they’d stop the non-stop ban nonsense. Battles aren’t going to be won or lost on some shitty cable news program you only watch when you’re stuck at the dentists office. The career of some foreign assclown can be destroyed by putting a lunatic like Jones LIVE on air though. Which I believe is what Jones was more interested in than debating the 2A.

    1. I completely agree with everything you just said. And a transcript of the show will be taken differently. Even the proposed boxing match portion would be taken differently on paper. But more importantly, you’re right, their perception of us has already been established and there is no way to change that. It won’t be until those pushing disarmament need armament that their attitude will change about who we really are.

    2. elephantrider Avatar

      I’m not worried about Alex Jones making “gun nuts” look bad, as I think he does a good job of representing nuts of all types. I worry about him making law abiding firearm owners look bad. Jones is nuts, or at least the crap ideas he floats are crazy. I don’t like the idea of firearm owners being lumped in with Jones.

  9. overkill556x45 Avatar

    Alex Jones should stick to predicting the Mayan apocalypse until George Bush can arrange the controlled demolition of his career. The NRA/GOA needs to keep the tinfoil hat brigade locked in the attic until tempers cool a little.

  10. Two nuts rattling in the same shell.

  11. Unanimous Avatar

    Shoot them both

  12. Hilarious. Waiting for them to talk about Britain’s conspiracy documentary called ’28 Days Later’…

  13. Jon Hutto Avatar
    Jon Hutto

    I think Alex Jones needs some prozak. :)

    It is real hard to take him serious. REAL hard.

  14. paul kimble Avatar
    paul kimble

    i lol’d… dude should have used the limey voice the entire time

  15. Jones would come across as a nut even if you asked him to read Peter Rabbit. Just the way it is.

    1. haha agreed

  16. I have to say that I know little about Piers Morgan, but he got PiersMorganed this time.
    He’d have talked over his guest, and I think Alex was right to attack him upfront.
    Unfortunately it is true that it makes him look like a crazy guy.
    “Who do you think was behind 9/11?
    -Objection, no link with the current discussion.

    Or maybe it was a plot set up to make everyone want to grab an AR-15 clone and shoot them both.
    Who knows?

  17. I had to stop watching as soon as Alex started imitating a british voice. Really wish it didn’t go into conspiracy theories. I think CNN was aiming toward that particular spot where it would make Alex look like a crazy person in front of millions of viewers – they knew he was going to be fire and brim stone. They did this well and this didn’t help his cause. Notice how piers flipped his demeanor. It was clearly tactics on his part.

  18. Alex didn’t help our cause at all, and this interview is already being posted around the web as an example of what gun owners are. I wish he would stick to his own youtube channel.

  19. czbeardly Avatar

    Hey, we do not want this douche back in Europe…. Change the petition to send him to like, the South pole or something, and have him disarm the Penguins.

  20. Damn he is exhausting. He’s already spawned a new conspiracy theory after his appearance.

  21. I like how the Brit POS was taken down a peg.

    But really, what, maybe 100 people watched this on CNN?

    1. theres no way he gets triple digit views

  22. I actually found it to be a necessary point on behalf of Alex. He has studied Morgan for sometime and was ready for a solid debate. When he saw Morgan was going in with contentious tactics, he switched to no soundbite out of context mode. CNN can’t use any of that interview in gotcha statements. Sure, some will think Alex was a crazed lunatic, but out of preservation, I saw it differently. Morgan’s questions were designed to simplify the argument into small factoids and limited answers made to only be able to make Morgan’s stance appear solid. This is a contentious tactic in debate and traps the opponent by limiting his answers to crap without being able to elaborate. It is a lawyer tactic to entrapment a witness and impeach his testimony. By Alex going on and talking over, it wasn’t necessarily spoon feeding revenge back to Morgan, as it was deflating Morgan’s tactics with trying to throw so many facts out at one time and limiting the effectiveness of entrappimg questions. You could see its effect by answering what type of weapon used and then not allowing retorts by following with the statistical significance. It’s equivalent to grazing fire, you’re not trying to be accurate but you are trying to keep the advance or flank hunkered down. It wasn’t childish or crazy – in a debate setting, its really borderline genius. The kicker of it was, the show was supposed to be three segments, but Morgan was so pissed he didn’t get to prove his point, he threw Alex out with security after the second segment. That is what really cinched it. But the coup de gras, Morgan’s “whatever” retort at the end. So who was childish?

    1. “When he saw Morgan was going in with contentious tactics, he switched to no soundbite out of context mode. CNN can’t use any of that interview in gotcha statements”
      Tactics you say?

      1. Ya know what CNN already chopped and screwed this. They made it look like he went from Britain this britain that, 1776 blah blah blah!

        But… the problem with your “tactical” observation, is piers hardly said anything before he flipped out.

    2. youre comment is awesome and very well educated. however, the people who watch the video who probably are anti gun wont see it this way. i totally agree with you and i think alex took a tactical and great way to approach the interview (as a douche like piers) but the rest of the people (grabbers) wont fee; the same way. its funny tho how piers kept bringing up how many deaths by gun there are, yet the stabbing rate is triple the gun rate of murder in america. no shit its lower. maybe the knifing rate would be lower if the people would have some sort of fear the person theyre going to stab is armed??? hopefully he doesnt have more than a 10 round magazine with him because more than 10 rounds in a magazine is only used for school shootings right???

  23. It’s nice to see that Piers Morgan finally found another idiot at his intelligence level to talk to. If they were any more retarded, they’d be wearing helmets.

  24. Only Alex Jones can make Piers Morgan seem calm and rational.

  25. After running out of opponents to strawman, Piers found a real, living, breathing, strawman and brought him on his show. If Alex would have left the ridiculous 9/11 bullshit out, we would have looked a lot better.

    Whether he knew it or not, and whether we consented to it or not, he was up there representing gun owners. I have no qualms with him attacking piers morgan, using statistics, even yelling and threatening armed revolution should they try to round up all of the guns. But when he goes on about SUICIDEMURDERPILLS and 9/11 conspiracy bullshit, he discredits the rest of us.

    1. “But when he goes on about SUICIDEMURDERPILLS and 9/11 conspiracy bullshit, he discredits the rest of us.”

      Yup…. Sounds par for the course if you ask me.

    2. From PubMed Health on the side effects of Prozac (fluoxetine):

      “For some children, teenagers, and young adults, this medicine can increase thoughts of suicide. Tell your doctor or your child’s doctor right away if you or your child start to feel more depressed and have thoughts about hurting yourselves. Report any unusual thoughts or behaviors that trouble you or your child, especially if they are new or get worse quickly. Make sure the doctor knows if you or your child have trouble sleeping, get upset easily, have a big increase in energy, or start to act reckless. Also tell the doctor if you or your child have sudden or strong feelings, such as feeling nervous, angry, restless, violent, or scared. Let the doctor know if you, your child, or anyone in your family has bipolar disorder (manic-depressive) or has tried to commit suicide.”


  26. This was my first, and most assuredly my last, exposure to Alex Jones.

  27. sapper911 Avatar

    I loved watching this! It will probably be the best ratings that the show has ever received. I agree with alex, I just think that he was to upset to get all of his points across. Wish he would have slowed down a bit. I think getting in there faces was completely appropriate. We cant play nice with these people! These socialists don’t like real confrontation. When you stand up to them, they collapse and have no idea what to do.

  28. Alex, alex alex…. Two steps forward 3 steps back. Thanks for nothing…
    That guy is a joke. I stopped listening to him 3 years ago when he was pimping gold. Hes a total joke. He uses phrases like “readily available” or “a simple google search” or “openly admitted” as a means of validating his claims. I decided to A) Research his claims B) Check credentials of his employees and writers (all quacks and hack journalis btw) C) and every time he said ANY of the above… Go and find it.

    Openly admitted.. Sure if you twist and bend words for a living
    A simple google search… uhhh no, not it wasn’t simple at all, and in fact returned only partial evidence to support a slight portion of your claims.

    Having him on a show is a 100% guaranteed way to prove everyone right. He freaks out on live (read: national) television.Validating the claims of the antis.


      here Piers Phone Hacking Scandal…

      Gotta fact check Alex… You just have to…

  29. Not just tactics. Contentious tactics. Contentious tactics are agrument points and manners which contain no substance but try to usurp the conversation with power plays and one-upmanship. It is when your boss says he wants you in his office immediately, but makes you wait 45 minutes in the secretaries office. Doing so means he has no real power, authority, or basis for argument but wants you to understand the mantra “what you wait on owns you”. Same contentious tactics when antis refuse to accept fact or data to support their argument but gives you ultimatums and fearmongering. In this case, it is belittleing data points to entrap a person’s strategic point to soundbites. Common guys. Tactics is a generic term, teamed with an adjective can define the term differently. In the case of contentious tactics, it is a compound phrase. Look it up if you don’t know. As a matter of fact, singling out a single word to argue against is also a contentious tactic as you are purposely sniping a word used and taking it out of context. These motives are used by people to dismantle to digression, so don’t use them. The method to curb or weaken contentious tactics is to strip the effectiveness by continually getting back on topic, or diverting the digression with fact after fact. As such, you have proven my point on the debate methodology used by Alex against Morgan.

  30. Alex Jones is the opposite of King Midas, everything he touches becomes a pile of shit. I agree with his libertarian and constitutionalist stances, but anyone who believes that 9/11 was an inside job is a certifiable dumbass. And I recall seeing a video of him at the 2008 Republican National Convention threatening Michelle Malkin like a rabid dog.

  31. I hope by doing this, he promotes that there’s such a petition to deport his sorry ass.
    but like it matters anyway, I don’t think the White House would do anything about it.

    1. the whole petition site has become a joke, build a deathstar was its peak.

    2. the brits started a petition, to make it (piers) stay in the US (since they don’t want it either)
      I read the mainstream media about this petition, and the people comments suporting and backing piers pisses me off..

  32. Regulas Avatar

    I would be fired up too. With alex jones being pissed just shows how much he cares about our country! he is on our side and i back him

  33. tom@drum Avatar

    watched previous clips of Piers. when he has a desk in between or a video interview, he is a tough guy. not so tough with Alex up close and personal. dont think he will do that style of interview again any time soon.

  34. i heart alex jones and his long winded rants

  35. The left is sharing videos of Alex as a motivational tool to further their cause and further demonize gun owners. He did not help us. He got used.

  36. Hard_Harry Avatar

    Well as I see it, the antis already think we’re all this way anyhow, whether or not you’re calm and rational or ranting & raving. I don’t think this has done as much damage to our cause as some might think.

  37. I also admit that it was fun to watch Morgan get hammered on his own show, especially after seeing him call the other pro-gun guy “stupid.” It was really irritating that he just wanted to look at the UK’s gun murder number, but ignoring their overall violent crime rate.

    Having said all that, I think Alex could’ve nailed him in a more civil way by actually talking to some of Morgan’s questions. America wants to know why we “need” (their wording not mine) “assault weapons.” When it comes down to it, it’s a right, not a need, but the right is generated out of need, detailed by history AND current events. Why not spell it out for them, civily (even though they’re not listening to the answer once they’ve asked the question).

    I think it was a great example by pretending to hold a prescription bottle in his hand and point to the “suicidal thoughts” symptoms. People need to make that connection that the FDA is approving drugs that have NO BUSINESS being sold as is, let alone put into people’s bodies.

  38. Obsidian Avatar

    Honestly as much as I think it’s awesome that someone finally attacks Piers Morgan with his same inane style of “debating”, Alex Jones doing this does not help our cause and makes us out to be nut jobs and proves a point for Piers, as well as making a lot of strong valid points in such a way that will invalidate them when brought up in any other context by someone who would present our case better.

    I did however, enjoy the British accent done by Alex Jones, haha.

  39. nikonmikon Avatar

    Mike, Alex Jones outdid Piers at his own game. It had to be done.

    No one talks over Alex Jones, hasn’t Piers seen “Waking Life”?

    You can’t talk over AJ. lol!

  40. @ Endo-Mike,

    Even though you don’t like Alex Jones, P. Morgan has treated SEVERAL well speaking ambassadors of the 2nd Amendment like shit. Morgan has interrupted, yelled at, and called names towards his guests with impunity. Alex Jones did the EXACT thing back. I don’t believe Alex Jones represents the gun community, he is just an average citizen who loves the constitution*. Jones is an angry man and is tired of the media fucking around with the constitution and their efforts with it.

    *However, Jones was on record saying he doesn’t like it when people use the 1st amendment to remove all the other ones.

    With that said, Mike I am very happy you posted this on your blog! :)

    As for some of the other comments here:
    “Alex Jones doesn’t help the cause” or “gun rights” is something we should avoid altogether, because that mentality already shows compromises I’m unwilling to make. I don’t believe the 2nd amendment is something we’re supposed to lay down and get fucked over while the MSM dominates the airwaves with cliche talks about “flintlocks” and how the 2nd Amendment is obsolete.

    They will use Alex Jones and propaganda, and they will only react that way because they are scared of someone who is going to stand up to them.

    These (anti-gunners) are the same people who demonize open carry, any pro 2nd amendment talk, or even the 1st Amendment. These are the same people who question whether or not he should even be on the radio.

    I don’t like Piers Morgan, I think he’s a pretentious asshole, who is corrupt as hell. However, he has a right to tell people what he thinks about America under the 1st Amendment. For him to use his show as a medium to convey what he believe is an “objective” viewpoint of gun control, and exploited dead children is fucked up. Morgan does more damage than ANYONE who is pro-2nd Amendment. Once a person understands that, they should be able to get past Jones’ frustration and anger towards MSM assholes (Feinstein, Morgan, Holder, etc) who pretend to represent the USA and its constitution.

    I don’t want to compromise or play games with people who are determined at all costs to remove this:


    A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

  41. i got 1 minute in. no thanks.

  42. — 9/11 Conspiracy Exposed–Comimg soon — 9/11 CONSPIRACY: ALEX JONES PREDICTS 9/11 IN JULY 2001 — Alex Jones Owns Glenn Beck On FEMA Camps — Alex Jones “Popular Mechanics will not debate me” 9-16-08 — Alex Jones BREAKING NEWS: DHS (Homeland SECURITY) order more BULLETS to keep YOU SAFE and SECURE

    Please do not consider Alex Jones or a neutral source or on the Second Amendment side. He is some sort of outrageous provocateur for his agenda.

    My last link BREAKING NEWS: DHS (Homeland SECURITY) order more BULLETS to keep YOU SAFE and SECURE sucked me in a few months ago as well. Yes, the federal government is going to buy millions, if not billions, of bullets. The contract is for about 20-30 agencies over a five plus year period. The actual number is about 200 bullets/per month/per agent.

    I don’t know about anybody else, but I do about a hundred rounds per a range visit. Granted it isn’t a tactical range, but even static shooting improves your skills.

    So taking Alex Jones as anything but a conspiracy nut is probably a bad idea.

    Just my $0.02.

  43. paul kimble Avatar
    paul kimble

    fellas.. buck yeager just went full alex jones!

    actually for once I agree with the faggot.

  44. was derpin’ aroundnthe net, and found a few articles from the whitehouse. they say they’re not going to deport pier morgan for being anti-gun, because of the first amendment of freedom of speech and stuff (well that’s your whitehouse response on the matter)

  45. Good vid on the statictis Piers morgan quotes:

    source: Reddit