Cabela’s Has High Capacity Assault Glock Magazines

Yea I added “Assault”… but the high capacity is from them:



*facepalm* “STANDARD Capacity” Cabelas… S T A N D A R D.  I hate it when people use terms used by the anti gun crowd, outside of the context of a joke.


Hat tip: James


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  1. Wow, all of the major retailers are starting to get on my nerves with their idiocy.

  2. LiquidFlorian Avatar

    I emailed them… I’m getting tired of this shit.

  3. Yeah. I get it; kind of a slang term these days.

  4. MosinMango Avatar

    Guess my car has a high capacity gas tank.

    And I have high capacity knife scabbards…

    Could go on and on.

    1. MosinMango Avatar

      Here’s a form that anyone can use if they want to email.


      In regards to this listing:

      This is a standard capacity magazine. Using buzzwords like “high capacity” feeds a situation whereby you will eventually be barred from selling this product, among many others.

      Please stick to neutral terms and adjectives when describing products. For example, “Glock Factory 15 round Magazine” or “Glock 17 Factory Standard Magazine”

      Thank you for your consideration, I will look forward to continuing doing business with you after this situation has been resolved.


  5. Seriously, email them and let them know they’re on the slippery slope CTD is on..the APPEASEMENT slope. I’d accuse them of pandering to the anti-gun folks with that language. It’s as if they agree that anything above 10 rounds should be called “hi-capacity ammunition clip mags” or something. If they show any hint of appeasement or if they go full “Dick” (dick’s sporting goods) then they should be boycotted and told so.

    1. My comment to Cabelas emailed just now:
      As a conscientious 2nd amendment supporter who votes with my dollars, I wanted to let you know you’re treading a slippery slope. The slope you’re on is putting you into the “boycott” category of myself and many other firearms and accessories shoppers because you’re using language ignorantly parotted by the anti-gun lobby. Your description of your Glock factory magazines list them as “high capacity” which they are not. The 33 round 9mm magazine is a high capacity magazine, but the standard capacity 15 rounders that go in a glock 19, or a 17 rounder that goes in the glock 17 are STANDARD.

      It may seem trivial to you and you may not care, but this is a very sensitive issue for your customers who do notice these things. It appears like you’re appeasing the anti-gun group by labelling thus. Cheaper Than Dirt is being boycotted heavily because of their gouging, Dicks sporting goods among others are being boycotted because of their irrational and emotionally foolish decision to give into the anti-gun lobby’s pressure by removing black rifles (AR15s). Please don’t add to the list Cabela’s. Please be strong and continue to appeal to your customers, not politics.

  6. Scroll down on Cabela’s page. Apparently a nine-round magazine is now hi-cap.

  7. Laughingdog Avatar

    Guess you hadn’t noticed that Glockmeister has been calling them “high capacity” for years. At least Cabelas doesn’t specialize in handgun related sales.

    Kind of like how I can’t give President Bush grief for saying “nucular” when half the nuclear engineers I work with can’t even say it properly.

  8. Good point. Did they have any in stock…

  9. Think that is bad, at a gun show today in Georgia, saw Pmags for $70 and up each, Glock mags 19/17/22/23 for up to $100 each. Heck people are asking $3000 for a Bushmaster. I laughed, and left after two hours. Even saw a guy selling AR lowers for $300 and uppers for $270 both stripped and some off brand too.

    The folk at the show reminded me of the folks who go out for cased of bottle water and bread right before a storm of some sort. Ergo, sheepish lemmings Me, I am going to wait two months, when things return to normal….seeing nothing going to happen, for the Congressional math isn’t there to pass anything.

  10. Liam McDishbowl Avatar
    Liam McDishbowl