Go Home Piers Morgan

Don’t let freedom’s door hit you in the ass on the way out:

MrColionNoir (or “MCN” as a lot of you that email me call him) was really riled up about this one… talking at seemingly 2x the normal rate haha.

You can check out my past posts on Piers to see him in action on his talkshow.


If you’re into White House petitions (I’m not) you can sign one here that deals with deporting him hahah. 104,000 signatures *not too shabby face*

Rather than deporting him, I’d rather him stay in the U.S., but lose his celebrity status.  That way he’d have to find a way to deal with gun culture, or be mocked every waking minute of his existence.



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  1. I saw on facebook he was gonna post one of these soon. Well said, but he forgot; Fuck Piers Morgan.

  2. if anyone doesnt get the jeremy clarkson reference

    “From 2000 to 2006, Clarkson had a public feud with Piers Morgan, which began when Morgan published pictures of Clarkson kissing his BBC producer, Elaine Bedell.[122]
    On the final Concorde flight, Clarkson threw a glass of water over Morgan during an argument.[122] In March 2004 at the British Press Awards, he swore at Morgan and [b]punched [/b] him before being restrained by security; Morgan says it has left him with a scar above his left eyebrow.[123] In 2006 Morgan revealed that the feud was over, saying “There should always be a moment when you finally down cudgels, kiss and make up.”[122] Clarkson also mentioned that despite not getting on with Morgan, he can at least be in the same room as him.”

    from the clarkson wikipedia article.

  3. hnl.flyboy Avatar

    HA! love that “Don’t let freedom’s door hit you in the ass on the way out” comment! :D

  4. alex jones is going to be on his show monday night, now this is going to be interesting

  5. Piers knows full well what assault rifles are, he had guys pose with them to fake a story about the british army in iraq, which is how he got fired from the worst tabloid rag in the uk and couldnt get a job in broadcasting/media anywhere other than cnn

  6. ar10308 Avatar

    Did anyone else just see Alex Jones on Piers Morgan?


  7. Awesome. You, sir, are a great american!


  8. DoubleTap Avatar

    Just watched the video and wow Alex went ape Sh!t. I give him mad props for how he handled that pos.

  9. As I recently said, you know your country is in trouble when you are being lectured nightly on gun policy not only by a Brit, but by a Brit whose ethical standards were too low to keep a job in British tabloid journalism.


  10. While Piers fancies himself a journalist, as a British subject the 1st Amendment does not apply to him directly. As a “journalist” he is afforded the courtesy of being able to speak about politics without fear of our government black-backing him at 2 AM. I’m all for that courtesy being revoked and telling him to go to France where he will be welcomed with open arms by his fellow surrender-monkeys.

  11. Johnny 2 guns Avatar
    Johnny 2 guns

    It’s time for you to go home!

  12. this feller is ok.he just forgot the white folks…its the breakdown of the family unit..parents will disepline thier kids..they think they can do what they want without any consequence…i am american by birth…but i am southern by the grace of god..not counting all the assholes comming from the west coast..we are ok…i would prefer to be left alone.if you come to my yard and start shit…dont be suprized when you start to stink