KRS-One Kicks Some SHTF Knowledge For Your Ear Holes

KRS-One is into prepping… who would have known:

I’m no prepping messiah, but what he says seems to be pretty solid.  I like the mention of weapons as well.

KRS-OneSince you didn’t ask… my favorite KRS-One song –> Step Into A World.


Hat tip: Ethan


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  1. ThomasChagrin Avatar

    Heavy choon! Mad props on posting a KRS vid. He’s always been here to teach. A real rapper representing real Hiphop. My all-time favorite rapper. ENDO is awesome, thanks for an entertaining and informative blog! I catch up here daily.

      1. I’m far from keen on Obama’s beliefs, but on some level, can you not understand what he’s getting at?

        He doesn’t even really touch on Obama’s beliefs. He’s talking more about what people can do as individuals to help improve themselves, those around them, and the country we live in. Keeping your mind open, your eyes open to the future, getting out to vote, however you may vote. While you might not agree with Obama, and that’s definitely your prerogative, do you not think it’s positive for people to be looking to how they can better themselves, ect.? For the record, as I already said, Obama’s agenda is something I strongly disagree with. But listen to what this guy is saying.

        Hell, get to ~5:20 in that video and you’ll hear what he’s really getting at.

        1. At 5:20 he says “This is your government… The issue isnt about Barack Obama leading you, its about you leading Barack Obama.” Good luck with that, i’m sure Obama in a lame duck term is going to be led by a lower class 20 something, rather than Wall Street or the military industrial complex.

          After that he goes on the same materialistic rant all too prevalent in hiphop, how he wants a golden life, a string of ice, and row of cars, even though he all ready has a Benz and BMW.

          1. People as individuals can’t make change on a small level to start a larger effect on those around them?

            1. So what change did KRS made which started a larger effect on those around him?

              1. Ahh. What you did there, I see it. Way to dodge my question.

                He’s encouraging people to make change however they see fit in their own lives.

                1. So i’ll ask again, what change did KRS make which started a larger effect on his followers?

      2. I’m big on KRS-One, Immortal Technique, Brother Ali – some guys who might have views pretty associated with “liberals,” but that’s kind of silly to assume that just because someone is a fan of an artist, that they automatically believe or agree everything that rapper says. As an example, I consider myself politically conservative (small govt., more personal rights/responsibility), with a liberal lean on social issues (drug reform, freedom of speech/press, independent media, LBGT issues/rights, ect.) I definitely did NOT vote for Obama…

  2. Inflatable beds? For presumably when your house burns down, is flooded, etc. But what about all the other requisite camping gear, let alone gear you would actually want to carry? Oh yeah black people dont go camping.

    Who really needs to be told that they shouldnt drink untreated water from the beach? And what kind of disaster is he preparing for where you only need 5 gallons per person? And why no mention of boiling the water? Oh yeah, black people dont go camping.

    Who needs to be told they need boots and not sandals, if they’re walking around outdoors? Oh, that black people don’t go camping thing again.

    What does he plan on doing with those coils of wire? And cloves of garlic? Keep vampires at bay?

    Why does he have a picture of gardening gloves?

    And why is there Chinese or something written on the upper left hand corner of the blackboard?

    1. The garlic to to cover the smell of the mylar sealed weed and crack in five gallon pails. It doesnt really work but if you are in a disaster where is you supply going to come from? Be prepared people!

      1. lol!

    2. Well, 5 gallons of drinking water per person is sufficient for ~ten days of normal consumption (or 5 days if they’re on the move). By then government disaster relief should be in place.
      Remember, it’s the Disaster Kit song, not the Doomsday Prepper Song :p

  3. ThomasChagrin Avatar

    Ha! I didn’t vote for Obama in this last election. Just because I have slightly different political views than KRS, it doesn’t mean that I can’t respect him as an artist, philosopher, human being, etc. That song was a pretty cool PSA to people of any community, let alone the Black community. Not sure what you are having issue with.

  4. croppedxout Avatar

    KRS is one of the BEST Revolutionary rappers out there and a great person to boot. I met him in Hollywood a few years ago shopping at a thrift store.

  5. ThomasChagrin Avatar

    AWESOME! I met him several years ago after one of his shows in Cleveland. I told him what a huge inspiration he is to me. He was so gracious and kind about what I told him. Truly apprecaited it. “BEST” I would agree with, croppedxout.

  6. I dunno how this will fly on this blog, but Immortal Technique is up there too.

    That dude is seriously smart, whether you agree with his views or not.

    Funny thing there is, that in that interview, he even goes on to talk about Obama being a pawn just as much as the Bush administration.

    “What has really changed?”

    And he presents a valid question – aside from Osama being dead, what IS different? We’re still balls deep in the Middle East.

    I guess the fact that our economy is in shitty shape is a difference, but one can argue that’s due in part to things that Bush enacted.

    Before people go wildly accusing me of being all these things that I’m not, let me succinctly present my views –

    Stay the fuck out of places that don’t demand our immediate presence because of direct attacks. It does nothing but harbor more hate for our country. It’s not our country’s job to clean up the shitstorm worldwide. It’s more important for us to clean up the shitstorm domestically before we go fixing the world’s problems. Why do airlines tell you to put your own masks on before helping others? Might be a silly example for some…but I think it’s a valid one. I forget offhand who said it, but is there not a great deal of truth to “If every man were to sweep his own doorstep, the world would be clean?”

    That might be a bit naive of me to think every person is responsible enough to do that, because we all know a lot of people aren’t, but if people get themselves taken care of, then it’s the appropriate time to help others.


      That too…

      I’m not trying to come off as a dick-rider, but on the topic of rappers and politics…

      1. He came down to speak to the crowd, he left before the police starting pepper spraying and arresting people. He wasnt there occupying anything, he was just trying to capitalize on OWS. Immortal Technique is part of the 1%.

        1. I posted that not because it had something to do with OWS, but rather to present more interesting thoughts on our political system and our intervention worldwide. You’re right, I don’t think he was there really to occupy anything, but rather to perhaps bring some light to his thoughts. And I think for people with somewhat divisive opinions, going to a place like OWS is a good place to present your ideas. Maybe strike a chord and see something happen.

    2. What was the timecode when he said Obama was a pawn, because at 3:19 he says “We are ecstatic that Bracak Obama is president, he has single handedly healed the US, and restored our reputation in the world.”

      “And he presents a valid question – aside from Osama being dead, what IS different?”
      Extra-judicial executions, Osama Bin Laden being one of them, even though Clinton and Bush 2 acknowledged he had a right to trial when they indicted him. And that Obama and the US military has expanded this program to extra-judicailly execute American citzens such as 16 year old Abdulrahman al-Aulaqi

      1. Different videos…the video I just linked there was Tech talking about Obama being a pawn, not KRS one referenced earlier.

        Government supported assassinations? That’s something different? That’s ALWAYS been happening.

        1. Ah.

          I suppose. Publicly acknowledging assassinating Americans is new though, unless I’m mistaken again.

  7. ThomasChagrin Avatar

    Big respect, denver chris. Everything you say is spot-on or AT LEAST able to be respected by those who may not agree with you.

  8. Illegal Business, by KRS-one is probably the best rap song I’ve heard next to “Get the F**K outta dodge” by Public Enemy.

  9. lol nice fid, listed off stuff i have in my kit!