Gun Cleaning Song

FXhummel1 works his magic:

M16 Selector Switch T-ShirtSex And Candy was my jam back in the day… props to FX on his rendition, it sounded great.

M16 Selector Switch t-shirt is being worn… standard equipment for everyone as far as I’m concerned. ;)



5 responses to “Gun Cleaning Song”

  1. I’d rock that shirt…..if it were in 3XL…..

    1. i cut mine off just under the selector logo. Think Kelly Lebrock in weird science. Just hairier.

      1. im not quite that old, i had to youtube that. i see what you mean. big hair and everything?

        i cant stand the song sex and candy. made it through 6 seconds of fxhummel’s video. next time, man….ill listen to the entire thing next time.

        1. No :( I wish i could manage 80’s big hair

  2. Bebopwing Avatar

    Oh man, the first time I broke down a 22/45 Mark III I thought I was gonna lose my mind. WHY IS IT SO HARD!?