Demand Hypocrite Celebrities Get Off Their High Horses

I was put onto these two vids by you guys in the comments:

Convenient to not be a douchebag about guns when you’re getting paid millions of dollars to use them.  People can dislike guns for valid reasons and it doesn’t bother me… if they stick to the script then cool good for them.  Please don’t trample on my rights, and call for a solution that won’t even fix the problem.

If you missed the initial Demand A Plan video and the kids version make sure to check them out.



Hat tip: Jayson, Buck, John Smith, Daniel


12 responses to “Demand Hypocrite Celebrities Get Off Their High Horses”

  1. I bet all those celebrities apologized for making guns and violence entertaining and donated their earnings from those films and shows to help the victims of gun crimes. I also bet that they’re going to stop doing anything related to guns on their big shows. On a serious note, how many of those scenes depicted the “good guys” defending themselves against bad guys? I’m pretty sure that most of the people who’ll read this comment have the intention to preserve life and protect that right not only for themselves, but for others as well. #frustratedwithallthisbs

  2. If you hate piers morgan you should watch this vid:

    1. Taylor TX Avatar

      I really enjoyed watching that this morning. I dont watch much TV and I sure as SHIT do not watch CNN, and I had honestly never seen a Piers morcunt video before it got posted on here. Jesse ventura’s hair is getting pretty crazy.

      1. best thing i ever did was customize my dish’s tv guide to not include news channels

  3. Control of a gun is getting your rounds on target in the smallest area possible.

    Gun control is “I’m going to have my CCW or armed bodyguard; the rest of you are screwed.”

  4. I am very much interested at how many armed body guards each anti-gun celeb employs and how much they cost. Can the average American afford such luxuries for their own families? I doubt it.

  5. This is awesome!

  6. The message is pretty clear, guys – “OUR lives are worth protecting with lethal force. WE can have guards, guns, and gates. YOU disgusting underclasses need to live in subjection to US, WE are smarter and just plain better than you!”

    Equality for me, but not for thee. Do as I say, not as I do. To that I say, go to hell! The only thing I *have* to do is pay my taxes and die! In the meantime, I can’t afford bodyguards, I have to create my own security.

    Another reminder – celebrities are supposed to be celebrities because we celebrate their talents. But these days? I’m just tolerating them.

  7. This shit made drudge.

  8. kingof9x Avatar

    outlawing guns in movies and tv would probably do more to prevent violence than doing anything to guns in real life.


    i love the fact they have Ramallah playing in the video at the end…I’ve always thought this about celebrities. Whatever no fucks are given about them. The kingdom sucked anyways jennifer gardners ears are way too much to comprehend

  10. Ive come to the conclusion that society and civilization never evolve, instead we just find new ways of being ridiculous and irrational. Seeking to vilify any type of small arm is the equivilant of a witch hunt. I’m surprised noone has edited Beyonce’s clip to include the part from her and Lady Gaga’s “telephone” video where she displays a poison recipe and kills EVERYONE in a diner! Tired of these self-righteous celebricunts.