Spetsnaz Breakfast Omelet

Because last time I checked, you can’t backflip while shooting, and negligently shoot people on an empty stomach:

Spetsnaz-Breakfast-OmeletI may or may not have added “AK-47 egg frying device” to the top of my design project list. *shifty eyes*

hahah at how he eats it with a USMC KA-BAR at the end.



11 responses to “Spetsnaz Breakfast Omelet”

  1. Mattv, the boss as always

  2. i’ve always wondered how to do that.

  3. He should have used some cooking spray on the barrel. The eggs probably wouldn’t have stuck so much.

  4. Need to cover it, too much loss of the wonderful egg. Think of the starving children Man…..

  5. Sivl32 (elvis) Avatar
    Sivl32 (elvis)

    I would have shot and heated the barrel up first, then added the eggs.

  6. Just what I want in my eggs, lead. Its sort of like the exhaust pipe hamburger cooker they had on Top Gear several years ago.

    1. Thats why you put a suppressor on it.[insert evil laugh]

  7. half the egg is splashing out of the aluminum foil while shooting…

    real men dont need salt & pepper, they use lead & gunpowder

  8. douche nugget wasted about $15 in ammo, what a fucktard!!!

  9. Why is his voice auto-tuned?