$100 For A Single AR-15 G.I. Magazine


Scumbag Cheaper Than Dirt strikes again:


*slow clap*  Ladies and gentlemen, the new low.  For those that don’t know, these normally retail for no more than $10 each.



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  1. Gary Underhill Avatar
    Gary Underhill

    Are you fu*king kidding me??? Cheaper Than Dirt is kind of a misnomer, now…wouldn’t you say?

    1. elephantrider Avatar

      CTD can lick my hairy ballsack from now on. I’ve only bought from them once, but never again now.

      1. I’ve bought from them once before also and will never buy from them again.

    2. Just 3D print them!

  2. BuckCoward Avatar

    Good thing that is the low price. I’m going to jump on this deal like I jump into ditches.

    1. or even bungee sticks in the ditches or holes!

  3. Down&OutInCA Avatar

    Did the price of dirt skyrocket past gold?? WTF… Or is Piers Morgan handling their pricing structure?

  4. Prices are crazy atm in the US.
    In europe i can get Pmags(and Gmags) for 20 Euros.
    And used GI Mags for about 8.
    Usually we import from the US…now i could export them and make a decent profit :D

    I hope for the shooters in the US that this crazy pricemaking will find a end. And prices return to “normal”.

    1. Too much hassle involved. I asked the ATF about importing a barrel from Germany, and they told me I needed to fill out a bunch of paperwork and get approval, the State department probably has their own forms too. Plus customs duties and god knows what else.

    2. Where in Europe exactly are you?? What firearm do you own that accepts standard GI mags?? Can I move there when we ban ours?? But seriously, holy fuck.

  5. LiquidFlorian Avatar

    This joint is ridiculous! 0_0

  6. USED???

    They’re only about $15 in MASSACHUSETTS! (Tho haven’t dared to set foot in a gun shop recently for fear of being trampled)

  7. Free market capitalism at it’s finest.

  8. overkill556x45 Avatar

    Wow! I’m sitting on roughly $5000! Time to liquidate and finally buy that E36 M3!

  9. How can the name of the shop seriously still be “cheaper than dirt”

  10. If they are the only mags available on the net good for them, it’s good to know someone will still have mags available when everyone else is out of stock . This is simple supply and demand, that is why I got a lifetime supply of mags when I could at this point the grasshoppers need to be glad there is a opportunity to get something in winter.

  11. Did you add the “(if you’re retarded)” after the Add To Cart button? Or is that actually on the site??? I would check myself but I don’t want to give CTD any false hope that I will ever buy anything from them again.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha no I subtly added that. I didn’t know if anyone would notice! haha

      1. Nice touch ;)

  12. Capitalism is a bitch; or, plan ahead and buy your supplies before the sheeple panic.

  13. but that does include an $80 dollar donation to the owners golfing fund.

  14. They should change their name to just plain “DIRT”.

  15. Amiable Dorsai Avatar
    Amiable Dorsai

    This is how free markets are supposed to work. High prices bring in more suppliers, more suppliers lead to lower prices.

  16. Lance Sauer Avatar
    Lance Sauer

    I was at joeboboutfitters.com store front in my town. They got 800 magpul p-mags with the window. price $16 each.

  17. NotInMyLifetime Avatar

    They were the first to bail on gun-owners, send them into bankruptcy by not buying from them ever again…

  18. just print your own plastic magazines already, you know its coming

    1. Bingo. Springs can be purchased separately.

      1. m-cameron1 Avatar

        believe it or not, you can actually print functioning springs

        1. Really? thats neat, i would have just tried the piano wire method.

  19. Wow, I hope CTD’s sales get destroyed and they go bankrupt. This is just not necessary.

  20. Mr. Obvious Avatar
    Mr. Obvious

    And they’re selling the 100 round beta mags for AR-15s for $600. I’m never buying from this place again (“Mag AR-15 5.56x45mm C-Mag Beta Mag 100 Round Capacity Plastic Construction Clear Rear Cover Made In U.S.A.”).

  21. $100 for a magazine, and they say “may show some wear and scuffing to finish”. So its not even new? Or are they factory rejects?

  22. That’s nothing, David Gregory might get to pay $1000.00 for one.

    1. if i could rep a post, i would rep this one.

      1. it was pretty good, just needed the little drum and cymbal noise at the end.

  23. ok, my turn to suggest a name change!!!! “Dirtier than Cheap!” eh?

  24. Well, they could take a sharpie and write “H&K” on the side. Then that price would be about normal.

  25. So my question is why is this 20rd Cammenga only 40 bones?

    1. They’re not high-cap enough, or their marketing department overlooked it.

  26. I sold my used five-seven on gunbroker for 2040, am I more douchebag than dirt?

  27. greets mike,

    noticed a lil while ago that there was a CTD banner ad, i’m sure it’s more with google/whoever your ads are with. just an FYI. no screenie, but it was plain as day.

      1. gd-mfin double post

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha yea they are put on here indirectly. I’m sure CTD doesn’t care though… if they did they could easily get them removed.

  28. Well if you look at the list of AR mags this mag and a 20 round mag is all they have available.

    But this is pure price gouging.

  29. Wow!!!!! Looks like they are no different than buds gun shop….neither one will ever get my business. The “retard part” was great!!!

    1. CharlieFMJ Avatar

      What did bud’s do?

  30. Just stopped by my local place in Colorado Springs and they had black window gen 2 pmags for $29.99 limit two per customer.

  31. czbeardly Avatar

    Well, I cannot get hold of sort of… none of the part for my original AR build plan… and I do not even live in good old ‘umerica. The insane stockpileing and pricehike has put a lid on pretty much getting your hands on anything you might need ever here in Viking country. True there are some European webshops that has some stuff in store, but most of the shops over here orders from the States when you place your order.. Luckily I am now going for a Hera Arms lower, which is made in Germany, and a CZ V22 .22 upper (for IPSC mini rilfe) but getting the .223 upper I want, will be a total bitch..

    1. What’s the process like there for firearms ownership? Are folding stocks, pistol grips, muzzle devices, standard capacity mags, etc. kosher there or what? May have to move there some day if shit goes south. It’s either that or defend my rights with lethal force.

  32. SittingDown Avatar

    I showed this video to a friend of mine at work and the first thing he had an interesting comment:

    Roughly what he said, “Are they attacking the magazines again? Don’t they know that all banning magazines does is make people practice reloading faster or use bolt actions from the bell tower where they can’t be reached?”

    Oh and he pointed out that they advertised on Glenn Beck’s BlazeTV (CTD, that is) for a long time.

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      *video = link. Derp.

  33. Hunter57dor Avatar

    have you heard about their 100 round beta mag yet?

    normally a 300 dollar magazine, they want 600 for it.


    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Yeah, only doubling the price though! That’s considered a deal with those guys by the look of it hahaha.

  34. Holy Crap! I’m glad I didn’t ever buy anything from this place. Opportunistic pricks!

  35. Well I just got a CTD add saying they have plenty of high capacity magazines. The list was pathetic and the standard mil issue AR-15 mags are there Low Price of $129.97 BULL****!!@#$%