Operation Zombie Derp With Chris Costa – 15 Minute Preview

OMG this looks worse than I thought:

I speculated on how bad this series would be in a past post.  After watching this little preview, all my fears were confirmed.  Wow… just wow.

One of my readers has up a review, and he tears it to bits too.

You can purchase this load of derp over at Amazon for $15 if you need an ironic Christmas gift.  Volume 2 is out now too, which I’m assuming is also garbage, but who knows.

Screw this tactical magical arm tape and zombie bullshit… when are some more real “Art of the…” style videos coming out?


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  1. I don’t know, I have a non-gun friend who would probably learn a lot from this video, and they will probably buy it.

    1. elephantrider Avatar

      Your friend would be better served to look at a good training video instead of this crap.

  2. SittingDown Avatar

    Eggz-speshoo-lee. LOL

  3. czbeardly Avatar

    It might not be “art of the..” class in these videos, but there must be like a 1000 drinking games you can do while watching them.

  4. croppedxout Avatar

    seriously… who the fuck is Chris Costa?

    1. elephantrider Avatar

      A douchenozzle who revels in all the notoriety that he can get.

  5. So harsh ENDO Mike! I am quite happy with this video. It’s something different and refreshing for sure. As a NRA Pistol/CCW insructor, this video gives me a more remedial set of instructions to use with new shooters which is great. Adding the zombie factor here and there just makes it a little fun. And even if you don’t do the zombie thing, it’s applicable in that catastrophic SHTF scenario many like to play out in their heads all the time. Look forward to the carbine video.

  6. Rumor is Magpul is working on 5 more videos at the moment.

    1. 5 more “Art of” videos? Who are they going to have as instructors?

  7. Is CC trying to go Hollywood? Won’t he get endless amount of crap over this from the more serious gun crowd that typically attends classes and buys higher end equipment?

    Just seems odd.

    1. elephantrider Avatar

      He should team up with Buck Yeager. They can be beard buddies and have a Discovery Channel show together. I just know it’s a wet dream of both of them to get onto T.V.

  8. Puddle pirate puddle pirate.

    Hey Mr. Costa,
    I have my fishing license and current tags on my boat. Oh ya I also have an “adult lifejacket” and a fire extinguisher in my boat. Don’t worry you can check my ice chest too. Wait a minute; I thought the game wardens were supposed to do this?? OHH it’s the holiday weekend, so the Coast Guard is out running patrols. “eye roll”.


    There’s a difference between “was going to be” and “wants/wanted to be.” Now, we have all heard these stories from people in all walks of life but a lot in the firearms community. Wait what stories are you talking about? The lame ol’ story of coulda, woulda, shoulda. There’s always “that guy” either at work, school, bar, range or where ever that tells you “his story” but has to add in; “Ugh ya I went in Army Ranger school but…had to stop because of a knee injury” or something along those lines. Is it sounding familiar now? Why do “these guys” always say this? Who knows..I sure don’t know the answer but that doesn’t stop me from calling them out. Maybe they say these things to fit in or don’t feel like their path in life is worthy enough of others respect, attention or gratitude.

    Let me get to my point. I’m starting to feel like Chris Costa is one of these “coulda, woulda, shoulda guys.” Ya he’s a great firearms instructor, knows his stuff, built a business. Hats off to all of that. I applaud him for his achievements, hard work and dedication to his craft (which he knows well and better than me). In a video interview I saw (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlOBIgU4eho) he said he “was going to be” a fighter pilot, yadda yadda couldn’t do it because of bad grades, class clown behavior, etc. SOOO after that failed attempt of his dream carrier path he chose to head to the Navy Recruiter to “become a Navy Seal”.(All in screenshot on FB page) Bad news resulted in that trip however. Costa had a “stigmatism” and the Navy Recruiter said Seals couldn’t wear eye glasses. SO the Navy Seal carrier path didn’t go farther than that. BUT ALASSS, conveniently several years later he found out that wasn’t true about being a SEAL and having a “stigmatism.”

    This is where I have the problem. I feel like by him throwing this in it’s supposed to give him more credit in the “tactical” community than just being a Coasty? Would he magically be in Seal team 6 today if it was for that stupid Navy recruiter? Probably not. If his dream was big enough to be a Seal he would of found out all the ends and outs to Seal qualification and the same with being a fighter pilot. Costa could of went to a community college for a bit, got his grades up and transferred to a college with a ROTC and after graduating take the Pilot aptitude test and gone to flight school. I have friends that have done this. Ha ya coulda, woulda, shoulda. SO I feel like he’s selling himself short of his achievements by being this coulda, woulda, shoulda guy. I’m just so tired of seeing and hearing all these guys that talk about why they washed out of BUDS or the Marines for medical or some other excuse. IT’s lame.

    Maybe I should just shrug it off but I had to rant.

    *NOTE* (sorry I couldn’t include the screenshot of the fb post. Didn’t know how to do it on here. Its on his fb page the date of November 6th.)

  10. No zombie green arm tape?

  11. I’ll wait for the Vigilant Spectre version. I didn’t pick up up a single thing in 15 minutes that gave me ANY indication that these videos have any more value than grabbing a case of beer and watching The Walking Dead with my gunny friends…and they actually are FAR less less informative and entertaining.

    One slight issue, at 4:17 when he’s helping the student adjust his grip on the pistol I can’t believe he didn’t have him remove his booger hook from the boom switch while moving the pistol around in his hands. If you ain’t shootin’ it your finger has no business being inside the guard…especially if you’re adjusting your grip!

  12. Chris Costa Avatar
    Chris Costa

    You guys are dicks I’m telling mommy

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      Lone Star from the movie Spaceballs (1987): “Okay, princess. That’s it. The fairy tale is over. Welcome to real life!” :D

  13. Ninjavitis Avatar

    As bad as it is, it still looks better than the preview for Worldwar Z.

  14. Hey at least we have an effort to portray correct weapon handling in film, because how ridiculous is it when shooting sequences in otherwise decent movies consist of dual wielding or teacup grips with 100 rounds between reloads and all perfect mozambiques? I have worked a few film jobs as an armorer and advisor and it is just silly how actors, actressses, directors “think” gun sequences should play out. They have no clue and after the film shot the actor usually holds the firearm out like it is so repulsive; holding a glock with the thumb and forefinger like it stinks while waiting for me to retrieve it. They have no interest in learning how to correctly manipulate the firearms because they despise them. I’ll give Costa props for his attempt to bring the importance of weapon handling to movies, and I’d warrant a guess that this series is really just a fun way to get non-gun people to look critically at training and defense. Personally I think it would be great if Costa or other “gun guys” made it big time and we had some real action movies not this twilight or matt damon crap.

  15. spencer wade Avatar
    spencer wade

    what did i just watch. even when he trys to tell a made up story he sounds like a teacher. ” now remember we talked about this earlier. lol

  16. Spartacus Avatar

    You guys talk a lot of shit hiding behind your screens, fucking cowards a bunch of fucking pogs!