Failure To Fire Webcomic

A great new webcomic about guns.

The comic follows a 29 year old guy named Mick who works at a gun store in Texas.  He’s got problems with girls, crazy customers, his boss, and his love of guns… all of which play out in a funny way in the comics.

The fist comic went up September 3rd 2012, and has been going strong Monday to Friday every day since!  I sure hope they don’t lose their momentum any time soon.

I figured I would put up an example of the humor you’ll find in the comic.  This one is called Working In Retail Is Like Working In Hell:

Head over to the Failure To Fire site, add it to your bookmarks or do like I did and subscribe to their RSS feed.


Hat tip: Dallas


32 responses to “Failure To Fire Webcomic”

  1. LOL. Seems pretty funny!

  2. Awesome cartoon! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love it.
    This one is particulary funny to me and my friends. (We’re 1911 fans)

  4. As someone who works in a Texas gunstore, this is absolutely true.

  5. Hey, thanks for the link! You really boosted our hits today. I’ve been reading ENDO since this summer, so it was cool seeing FTF show up here. Keep up the kickass articles!

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Thanks! Great to hear, keep up the good work!

  6. It is so funny !
    Thanks for the link!

    However you may receive an email from my boss about a ” significant drop in productivity between 9 and 10 am”…

  7. USSMunkfish Avatar

    That bit with the Hi-Point was great. Mine is the only gun I own that I haven’t taken apart. A roll pin, seriously?

  8. Taylor TX Avatar

    a fucking comic made about someone who works at cheaper than dirt, oh man that is so awesome. I wonder if its the Ft Worth store or the McKinney Store

  9. Taylor: I work at, and have worked at, neither one. My wife and I are firearms enthusiasts and have been to many gun shows, and two of our closest friends have worked in gun shops all their life. So we’re going off their notes.

    1. What types of guns do you own and use, and in what contexts?

      1. Hoo nellie. Um. I’m loathe to post our entire collection here. Rifles, pistols, shotguns.

        Mel’s favorites are her Mk I Browning Hi-Power, a WWII relic that still has clean rifling and functions as flawlessly as it did the day it rolled off the line, and her AR-15 with a red dot sight. My faves are my Mossberg 500, my SKS, and my Taurus 669 .357 mag, which I am as accurate with at long ranges as I am a long gun. (Gar’bless that 6″ bull barrel.)

        Aaaaand then there’s a couple more WWII pistols and rifles, a couple Mosins, more shotguns, etc. etc. etc. Most of our pieces are “because we like shooting them,” no specific purpose. A few are for home defense, and although I haven’t been hunting in almost 16 years, I’m thinking of taking a friend up on his offer to go hogging at a North Texas ranch that’s overrun with delicious pork. Gonna practice with my Mosin a bit and try taking down some pigs with it. But for the most part, we just go to the range or our friend’s ranch 1-2 times a month and waste money blasting ammo at targets.

  10. Porterhaus Avatar

    Just because it’s about something you like doesn’t mean you have to like it.

    1. I agree. Just because this crappy comic is about guns doesn’t mean it’s any good.

  11. Most people attracted to guns like the last fellow are pure shit.

  12. Well let’s see… we’ve got middle-school level artistic talent and writing skills, neckbeard basement-dweller meme spouting, and a crappy website to boot.

    Please, do yourselves a favor and don’t inflict this comic on anyone. This kind of representation of gun owners is not forwarding the “gun culture”, it’s creating a hideous caricature.

    1. JD, can you give me a more specific example of how we’re “creating a hideous caricature”?

      1. There are 4 of them in the above comic.

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          If you can’t stand humor that pokes fun at the culture you’re a part of I’m surprised you can tolerate this blog.

          1. Poking fun is fine, this is just inarticulate whining.

            1. The comic posted up above does contain caricatures, indeed. And I challenge you to find ANY gun shop worker who doesn’t run into these caricatures on a daily basis.

              I’m just as dedicated to the public promotion of gun owners as regular, ordinary people as you are. You might read a few more of the strips – I do show the main characters as responsible gun nuts. But some of the people I meet in gun shops and at gun shows are ridiculous. Hence, I ridicule them. That’s how comics work, folks.

              Can’t we all just get along, and occasionally have a chuckle at our own expense?

  13. I’ve seen J. Grant in action. He very quickly (Within 2 days of launching this comic) alienated an entire website full of potential readers with his un-professionalism and his inability to handle criticism, constructive or otherwise.
    As a matter of fact, his comment were archived on another site, if anyone would care to see them.

    It’s not so much that the comic “sucks,” rather the “artist” behind it.

    Failure to Fire is a very aptly named comic, though probably not in the way it’s creator intended.

    1. You’ve seen me in “action”? Amazing. I don’t recall meeting you at all.
      I alienated opchan by getting in an online flamewar involving one of their members. As it stands, opchan is no kind of major community at all. Go ahead and hold out your cup, to see how many of my tears fill it with my sorrow over losing opchan, who even at the height of the kerfluffle resulted in 36 pageviews. Oh boy, they must be a giant slice of possible readership. Or they’re a bunch of neckbeards sitting around chanting the word “butthurt” and circle jerking each other about how much influence they’ve had on FTF (which, in reality, is pretty much none at all). In the meantime, I still have a damn good readership for a comic that isn’t yet 4 months old.

      So go ahead and keep being, I guess the word is “butthurt”, over the fact that I don’t give two damns about opchan. It’s cute.

  14. Feinstein Avatar

    Needs to be renamed Failure to Funny

  15. It’s like reading Ctrl+ Alt + Del all over again.

    Same forced humor, same try hard story arcs.
    Then again, it’s called failure to fire, so all these light primer strikes make sense.

    Also, if you aren’t butthurt, why did you make a comment about it months later?
    It’s hilarious.
    But on a serious note, learn to take constructive criticism, at least listen to the ones who aren’t calling you names.

  16. JD (WK) Avatar

    Yeah when I don’t care about something, I make a comic about it and continue to whine about it on the internet.

    Opchan isn’t generating traffic because everyone hates your comic, I only visited your site to see your tribute comic, which I appreciate by the way, shout outs are always fun.

    1. You seem to have a really poor grasp of the difference between a “shout out” and “someone making fun of you.” I needed a name to represent a grown, adult man acting like a 12-year-old online. You did fine.

      1. JD (WK) Avatar

        You seem to have a poor grasp of the concept of sarcasm, among other things… like art and humor.

      2. So through the course of this whole debacle you realized that at the end of this yellow brick road that you were the 29 year old man child all along?
        I’m glad we could help.

        The criticism was constructive yet it was not taken that way by you, the reaction given to that criticism is what changed it from constructive to not so constructive and your further bottom bothered behavior by posting a comic calling out Opchan and some of its members is evidence of that.

        Criticism is an important thing to take as it informs you of your character flaws or things that you are doing wrong in the hopes of bettering them. I am far from perfect but I do heed advice or criticism given to me.

  17. Seconding Failure 2 Funny. J. Grants’ awkward boner fantasies and tired stereotyping do not constitute humor. Also, Omar.

  18. your comics fucking suck

  19. It’s light, it’s funny, and based on my own 30+ years in the gun culture, dead on accurate. Maybe not daily, but certainly at least weekly I’ve had to talk to at least one of each of these caricatures. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Only flaming liberals try to keep others away from something they personally don’t like.