ZiP Modular Weapons System

An advanced new polymer .22 LR pistol that can be deployed a number of different ways:

Yea the video is long and drawn out, but it shows a bunch of cool renders as examples. And you thought the Glock was a “brick”? hahah:

What are those posts sticking out of the front of the gun by the barrel for?

I really like the idea, and the cool futuristic look.  I’ll reserve any other judgement for when I see a production model, or find out more details about it.  The ZiP factory website is useless right now, and shows a 28 day countdown.  I’m assuming there will be some useful info on there come launch date.  I still fail to see why companies do this so far in advance… but to each their own.

It doesn’t appear to take 10/22 mags, which isn’t the be all end all for me, but that would be nice.  Who knows though, ZiP could very well have figured out something way better?

Triggers like the one on the ZiP are normally horrendous, but we can wait and see.

Too much branding and other writing all over the gun… I really hope they lose that on the production model.

MSRP is $200 – $219!  I like that.  I want the survival rifle configuration.



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  1. It’s like a pistol, but without all of that pesky ergonomics stuff!

  2. so a $200 + $200 stamp gun with 0 parts commonality marketed as a survival rifle (you know, THAT survival where there is no factory workers or 1-800 number you can call because you broke a trigger pin)..


    sbrd 10/22 cut to 4.5″ threaded and a side folding stock (take your pick) with bx25 mags….win

    1. this is probably a redundant question but strapping that puppy on anything makes it a AOW, yes?

      1. No, strapping that puppy onto anything with a stock makes it into a SBR.

        1. oh, then I’m completely with PhoenixNFA, way better SBR options

          1. Quint Young Avatar
            Quint Young

            Attaching it to a pistol (like an AK pistol or a stockless AR) makes the host an SBR as well though.

            1. Attaching it to a boat would make it a BGV and sticking it on lamp makes it a GFDL….

              …yeah I have no idea what either I or any of you are talking about. But I sure do love dropping acronyms!

  3. lucusloc Avatar

    i don’t get it, why would i want to add a .22 to my rifle?

    also what phoenix said.

    1. Yo dawg… I heard you like shooting…. LOL

    2. Am I the only one who laughed at the intro graphic that was like “NEW WEAPON SYSTEM ACQUIRED” … and it’s an effin’ .22? Please.

  4. This is, like, the 2nd ugliest gun I’ve ever seen.

    I mean it’s no this (, but it’s definitely aesthetically displeasing in the extreme.

    It’s possible to make something so fancy and futuristic that you can come full circle and make one of the awfullest things ever.

    1. Quint Young Avatar
      Quint Young

      Book, cover, Judge, etc…

      1. I’m a very shallow guy.

  5. hold the fucking phone :

    USFA the amazingly well respected makers of Single Action Army revolvers?

    What the shit, over?

  6. FWIW the firearm blog has a picture of it taking Ruger BX25 mags

  7. I think the posts next to the barrel are to charge the gun. can’t see the charging handle anywhere

    1. That’s my thought, I think I can see “Load” marked on the levers.

      1. I dislike anything that makes me charge with part of my hand near the barrel.

  8. What am I missing here? A pistol with no grip, unless you bolt it to something else. Isn’t that like making a hammer without a handle, but you can attach it to an axe if you want to drive a nail?

  9. What a horrible idea. It looks like someone took the concept of a 40mm EGLM grenade launcher and decided that a .22 pistol version of one would be such a great idea.

    1. opps someone beat me to the punch

    1. That’s the first thing I thought of too.

  10. What’s it FOR? 2.5″ – 3″ barrel isn’t going to be supper accurate. It’s not suppressible as shown, so OPERATORS won’t be using it on sentries/dogs. The ‘survival’ stock is big and bulky, doesn’t have iron sights and no place to store optics so it’s already less useful than an AR7.

    WTF? Why?

    1. John Jones Avatar
      John Jones

      Hi Guys; the website gives plenty of good info….if you’re willing to simply click thru and sign up. Here is what it say for Specs: Note: Barrel length…..impressive over 5 inches!!!! I bet this new system is something that needs further exploration…. Last page of ZiP site says Davidson’s Inc, exclusive……

      ZiP™ Gun without magazine. ZiP™ Std. Fixed Sight Rail is included. MSRP $199.99

      Frame Color: BASIC Black
      Control Color: Black
      Caliber: 22 L.R.
      Barrel Length: 5.25″
      Frame: 5.9″
      Avg. Height: 3.1″
      Aprox. Width: 1.2″
      Approx. Weight: 0.95 lbs.
      Product Bar Code Number: 896213002876.

  11. Underslung .22? Thats tactical yo! Hell, ide rather have an underslung .45 ACP weapon, at least that could potentially save my ass.

  12. Crunkleross Avatar

    Tactical tits on a bull.

  13. That thing definitely takes 10/22 mags, even before seeing the pictures others had posted you can watch the video. The internal schematic slide shows the unique ruger mag retention system.

    Looks cool as a compact .22 pistol with 10/22 mags, but if you put a stock on it it seems massively impractical besides the other much better systems to SBR.

    All in all, I’d buy one.

  14. Good Press, Bad Press.. Still press.

  15. Me no comprende… Por que? I just felt like typing in spanish. it’s probably all spelled wrong. What is the tactical advantage of having that on a rifle? It’s not like it would be faste than drawing a side are….

  16. shockfish08 Avatar

    Yeah know, despite all of the quirks I feel REALLY compelled to buy one! I mean for the size and weight Idk what else there is out there that could possibly beat it (though maybe I haven’t looked hard enough)

    1. Quint Young Avatar
      Quint Young

      Ditto, for the price I think it would make a great youth pistol, or a nice home defense pistol (not the main though). I mean a 25 round .22 in such a small form factor is pretty neato.

  17. nikonmikon Avatar

    Operators are welcome though guys….

  18. enfieldem2 Avatar

    Seems way too complicated and I find it highly unlikely that a market will be found for this ugly mother. The basic concept reminds me of the MEG survival pistol talked about in the book world war Z.

    But something like say a kel tech PMR30 with a stock set up as an SBR or the carbine version in development of that weapon seems much more practical.

    1. And you gotta love that, like so many other companies, “SPEC ops” requested this.

      No, more than likely, NO ONE contacted your hitherto-non-existent startup. Stop lying to get press. No one buys that any blackteam contactacted you for a lego .22.

  19. Ah….but does it come with a bayonet in case your primary bayonet doesn’t get the job done?