Buck Yeager Fights For Women’s Rights To Choose A Firearm

“Why is he telling you to carry a gun he wouldn’t carry?”  That question is probably rhetorical considering exactly zero girls likely follow ENDO on a regular basis.  If not, prove me wrong!

Yeager definitely knows how to troll with a good video title.  I didn’t think the was going to advocate that women are too stupid to choose their own gun… but I did click to find out.



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  1. Not true, you have some female readers. I know a few of them.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Cool! Good to hear.

  2. Can’t understand why on one hand he basically says its hypocritical to give a woman a larger caliber when you would use one yourself, and yet not a gun with more levers/buttons etc, again, if you would use one yourself.

    I’d refer a female shooter to Massad Ayoob instead.

  3. I wrote up a whole rant, then deleted it. I’m just gonna say I dislike this video.

  4. D Larsen Avatar

    Yeager is such a derp. He says these exact same things in every derp video his herp ass puts out

  5. SittingDown Avatar

    This man looks like a clown. Bozo Buck Yeager. New nickname.

  6. Bebopwing Avatar

    Are you telling me a gun blog isn’t a good place to meet women?! Damnit! I’ve been doing it wrong!

  7. Lisa Crawford Avatar
    Lisa Crawford

    I follow ENDO on a regular basis, matter of fact, just ordered my first shirt. Love it, too .. super soft, way better than my Victorias Secret shirts; being in Texas, people actually know what 5.56 x 45mm is (at least the men do). I don’t post, just read. Like most, call BS on some of the vids and peeps, love some of it. I don’t put a lot of stock in this advice .. I carry a 380, a 38 or a 9 depending on what I am wearing .. this guy doesn’t take a lot into account, like one, men can’t advise girls unless they are wearing our low rise, tight fittin’ jeans. Might be armed, but speaking for myself, I am still a girl ~ got to consider the outfit, the curves, the accessability of the weapon .. where you carry, where you live, what the laws are. There is also the fact that regardless of sex, if you are going to carry, you figure out what works for you by trial and error, advice, experimentation, comfort factor and knowing/being confident in your own personal skills. I know what I can and can not shoot best, I know what will take down the poor soul who tries me, my 380 has a hell of a lot more kick than my 9, is harder to get a good picture sight on and harder to draw. This fool sounds like he wants to give me a little 22 with a laser and get my ass killed. Anyway, you have at least 1 regular. Hat tip to me. ;c)

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Hey Lisa, Great to have you on board! Thanks so much for the support.

      1. I know someone up in Bellingham who owns an AK-47, a Glock and a 1911. And that person is a girl.

        So two Regulars.

  8. Lisa Crawford Avatar
    Lisa Crawford

    PS ~ Typo on previous comment, that last sentence should read this fool sounds like he wants to give me a Glock 22 (40 cal) with a laser. (but maybe that would be too “gadgety” for us) ..

    After watching this again, he is just condescending from the get go IMO. I don’t know where he’s from, but woman are not only smart enough to pick their own guns, we are smart enought to pick men unlike these dorks he describes. wtf?

    BTW: I love my revolver, it is NOT hard to shoot and is the best option sometimes. My groups with it are tight and being a snub nose, I can put it in the middle of my back and run around in heels, a skirt and a blazer all day long. Not so with my 380 or 9.

    Rarely do those with an understanding that even the keenest situational awareness can be undermined carry in a purse/fanny pack/glove box. (from my observations.) Including those god awful ugly purses made for concealed carry. I might as well wear an NRA vest.

    1. He probably wouldn’t tell you to get a Glock 22 – he doesn’t like .40. Also, he mentioned the Glock 19 as a suggestion, so even if he was going to suggest .40, he’d probably tell you to get a Glock 23. And he probably wouldn’t suggest you put a laser on it.

      I think this video is a little weird because the women he’s talking to are probably not the same women who would ever watch his videos. It seems to me that he’s talking to women who don’t know much about guns, but their husband or boyfriend wants them to carry one. He basically tells them to get educated and make their own choice, and not feel forced to carry whatever their guy hands them. Then he gives his own suggestions for what they might carry.

      What he suggests women carry (no external hammer, no manual safeties, etc.) is exactly what he suggests men carry. The only difference is he recommended a couple smaller options due to hand size. I know Yeager can be really arrogant, but I’m not sure how he’s condescending towards women in this video.

  9. i use to like yeager but he blocked me for reasons unknown maybe because i tune in to ENDO.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      You can’t watch his videos? Since they are public, i’m sure you could just log out of your account, or open an incognito window. If you’re referring to the fact you can’t comment, no one can comment because he did block that.

      1. D Larsen Avatar

        Yeah Yeager is now more derp than vigilant sphincter since at least those derps allow me to call them out on their wannabe military not formal trained derp bullshit.

  10. On the ProArms podcast (Massad Ayoob’s podcast, among other people) they dedicate every couple of episodes to women’s issues (firearm issues) and bring on experts on the various areas. Definitely worth a listen.

  11. Turtle Smasher Avatar
    Turtle Smasher

    Bucky is such a tool (pun intended). My wife carries a 40cal and a 380.

  12. Pissed me off in less than 1 minute this time. Not bad.
    Quote: “Don’t settle for that .38 snub nose revolver” -Some bucking asshole

    Really, I have to say this: I am sick of people speaking to revolvers as if they are a step down from a semi-auto. Yes, they hold fewer rounds. Yes they are mechanically simpler. Yes, they are less ergonomic… no, wait. You said what, Yeager? A lot of that sounded like his own opinions he was trying to shove down to all those significant others whom he doesn’t know.
    Carry pistols are most certainly a matter of preference. For instance, my lady loves my .44 special (which is my carry), but she really prefers her little CZ-70, which is chambered in .32 ACP. Does this worry me? Not in the slightest, since she can keep 3 mags worth of fairly hot FMJ rounds within the size of a human heart at 20 yards (with about 0.5 seconds between shots – rapid fire opens it up to about 7-8 inches at 20 yards). She is this good with her .32 because it is a light recoiling round in her pistol, she is confident in her pistol and knows it, and most importantly, she practices with it. A lot.
    Did I influence her in choosing that gun? No, she chose it by herself. Would I have chosen something else for her? Maybe, but only because I am more of a revolver man, myself, even if they are lesser guns with worse ergonomics than a glock (and insert a hearty LOL, here).

    Buck Yeager can shoot, and he seems to enjoy it. I don’t know about his instruction or credentials, and I don’t care – what matters to me is that he pushes opinion as fact, making him just as big of a douche as those whom he claims to be better than. That is enough to put him down in my book as not credible. Bad form, Buck. Maybe if you spent more time pushing for people to practice with whatever piece they choose, regardless of your OPINIONS.

    To anyone looking to purchase a handgun for carry, here’s some advice: Get a permit to purchase a handgun (if that is required in your state). Go to a range and rent some pistols in different calibers, or find some people who will let you shoot theirs. Find out what you like, and what you think you will be comfortable carrying. Take a carry class (I’m guessing an NRA-certified instructor is a good way to go). Most carry classes will have some .38 revolver or 9mm semi-auto you can use for the course. While you wait for your permit, purchase the handgun you found to work best for you, and get a good gun belt and holster. Buy a lot of ammo: get a lot of affordable target ammo, and whatever amount you may feel necessary of whatever it is you plan to keep in your gun when you’re carrying. Then you practice. Always practice.
    I just gave more valuable instruction in about 1.5 minutes of reading than Yeager did in almost 7 minutes, and nobody had to see my stupid facial hair on Youtube. YAY!

  13. Honestly, I was expecting him to be a total tool here. He wasn’t terrible.
    I carry a freaking toaster, and I’m not a big girl by anyone’s estimation. I’m hurt that ENDO has yet to link the vid of me shooting a 50 BMG while wearing a PVC catsuit. Really, there is nothing for the ladies to be afraid of with handguns. Or guns in general. Find someone that isn’t an idiot to walk you through it.
    My first carry gun, picked by me, was a .357 snubby. I love it and don’t regret the choice for one minute. Today, I generally carry an FNP-45 tactical on my hip. I’m all of 5’4″ and a size 4 to 6. Carry what you like and what you can handle.

    1. Please link it now!!!!! :D

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          Looking good Jennifer!

  14. Here’s what I find wrong with this premise, I think guys know a little bit more about their significant others than Buck does.

    With practice, anyone, well almost anyone, can become proficient with a semi-auto. But it takes practice and training to be able to deal with FTF, jams etc. The last thing I want to happen is a FTF when my wife has an attacker charging at her and not responding properly. If you have a failure to fire with a revolver, what do you do? Pull the trigger again, right?

    Unfortunately, my wife’s schedule doesn’t allow for her to spend weekends with me at the range. She gets out there with me once every month or two. She does just fine with my .38 and will have a nice .38 of her own within the next week or two, complete with little pink grips.

  15. I’m with Andy & Lisa. I’m a regular reader here too. It takes me a while sometimes to get caught up, but it’s worth it. You have great stuff here, especially when you feature some of my favorite YouTube folks such as MrColionNoir, fxhummel1, and 22plinkster.