Double AR-15 Trigger – Paintball Inspired

Normally paintball is one getting inspired, not the one giving inspiration.  That’s changed:

Enter the Elftmann Tactical Dual Enhancement Trigger.

I’ve seen people use double triggers on paintball guns, and they are a lot faster.  The one advantage though on paintball is that people can feather the trigger with their two fingers, creating a barrage of paintballs.  Watching the video, you can see the guy is shooting sort of quick, but no quicker than the average person could pull a regular trigger.  Does he just suck at demonstrating the product, or is it it just poorly designed to not register a feathering of the trigger with ones index and middle fingers?

With two triggers I don’t want to see this thing anywhere near the retards at the public ranges I occasionally go to that couldn’t practice proper trigger discipline to save their life.

Also, what’s the deal with the gang sign grip he’s utilizing during most of the video?  To me that’s another non-selling point of the product, if it requires you to hold your rifle like that.

The trigger pack is $239 (sheeeeeeeeeeit) available over at Elftmann Tactical.



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  1. shockfish08 Avatar

    They might as well make it one long straight piece with a slight angle like a REAL paintball gun. Seems like you’d get better leverage if it were that way.

  2. lucusloc Avatar

    you know, the paintball triggers only really work because they have pulls of less than 1lb. the idea is that you kinda bounce the trigger off the two fingers. does this trigger have a pull weight in that range? if it does i don’t want it anywhere near me. i have seen dropped markers discharge because of their light pull weight. the lighter the weight the faster you can fire, but paintballs can be stopped with a bag over the end of a barrel, you cant do that with bullets.

    also, how does this work with a sear? afaik all markers that operate with a sear (i.e. not electros) need a gas piston to bounce the trigger forward. electronic markers don’t need this, as the trigger is attached by a hinge and bounces on its button. honestly this just doesn’t really make sense to me. . .

    1. lucusloc Avatar

      this was the first hit on youtube. kid is a slow talker, but this is the idea:

    2. Yuppers, without the electronic trigger that many paintball guns have, this invention is pointless, even stupid and possibly dangerous. You aren’t gaining any real speed without the electric trigger, and the video proves that… I can shoot an AR15 as fast as that with a normal trigger.

      I’ve seen paintball guns with triggers so light and short that I bet a strong gust of wind could set them off, and that’s why fanning/walking a double trigger works with them.

      1. liquidflorian Avatar

        Yeah, I’ve seen electric solenoid fired paintball guns discharge by having someone blow on the triggers.

        I’ve seen Travis Halley shoot twice as fast as this guys system with a normal AR trigger. In fact I think this set up would actually slow you down.

    3. I had a few markers set so light that I could fan the side of the grip frame and fire off bursts without ever touching the trigger…awesome for speedball tournaments, a safety nightmare if ever introduced to real firearms.

  3. I dont paintball so maybe thats why it doesnt make any sense to me, but one trigger with places for 2 fingers doesnt seem to be very useful

  4. Isn’t redundancy supposed to increase reliability?

  5. Hi, my name is Owen and I’m going to demonstrate a non-retarded person firing a well built trigger on a weapon with twice the recoil.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      LOL no kidding Owen. You’re rate of fire was like 2x what the guy in the post did with that magical double derp trigger.

      1. hey mike did you ever get my yeager vid i sent by email of him on a tv show

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          Yes, I replied to you! You send me that email from your gmail account.

          1. What about my gun bongs? Oh God its been over a year! I thought we had something special Mike!

            1. Well trolled.

    2. liquidflorian Avatar

      For the record, that AK looks bad ass! If move to a free state I’ll have to look you guys up.

      1. Thanks! Building AK’s is what I do.

  6. i always thought paintballers use each trigger one by one in a 1 2 1 2 1 2 type of sequence this looks like hes using both at the same time

    1. That’s exactly how you do it in paintball, having to squeeze the trigger with both fingers defeats the purpose…

  7. Ninjavitis Avatar

    What exactly makes this tactical? The part where you surrender proper weapon control by not holding onto the pistol grip so you can squeeze a few extra rounds per minute out?

    1. Treyvon Martin Avatar
      Treyvon Martin

      I thought u were talking about this website; nothing

  8. He’s doin it wrong

  9. ken, Anthony Avatar
    ken, Anthony

    250$ for something that 1 looks stupid and 2 does nothing

  10. I would never put that piece of shit anywhere near my gun. I also wouldn’t think very highly of whoever I saw sporting that on their gun.

  11. My old paintball gun’s trigger is 50 grams, or just over a tenth of a pound. It works because the micro-switch is so light. An AR does not have a micro-switch. You literally slap the shit out of the trigger. Haven’t played in years, but obviously this would encourage horrible habits, and is a bubba mod.

  12. Id rather attach a bottle opener to the rails then add this wacky trigger.

  13. Almost looks uncomfortable regarding his hand position? Still very interesting product.

  14. I used to play paintball religiously, and could fire 22 balls a second on a good day with a Shocker or Ego. They also had a 5 gram magnetized trigger pull…VERY different from an 8lb pull.

    For paintball it’s a great idea, for a real firearm I don’t think it makes sense. Even if they could somehow introduce magnetized/electronic trigger groups to firearms the pulls per second would outrun the bolt cycling rate.

    1. Something I did notice on the lower end markers with a more conventional trigger group like Tippmanns, if you pull solely the bottom end of the double trigger you get more leverage so you can pull slightly faster, but pulling the top trigger with it negates the effect.

    2. Those bolts wil cycle much faster and do in full auto applications.

  15. Dumb… You can’t walk a 1lb. tigger. this guy is a dumbass.

  16. Crunkleross Avatar

    Uhh it’s not a double trigger, it’s one long trigger. If you pull the lower part it works as a longer lever so the trigger pull weight will be less but you will have to move it further so there is no speed advantage. Another not too well thought out idea.

    But maaaaaaan if you combine this double derp trigger with a bump stock you can get like mini gun speed maaaaaan.

  17. Crunkleross Avatar


  18. it seems to me that double triggers were put on paintball guns because players were pushing thousands of rounds semi-automatically over the course of a few hours. Really competitive players lay down a stream of paint even when pooping. I don’t know anybody that puts out that kind of volume from an AR-15, and soldiers (who might expect to put out thousands of rounds) have full auto fire.

    This is another solution in search of a problem that doesn’t exist.

  19. I love the fact on his site is says +/- 20% firing speed I’m thinking more on the -20%

  20. Um, at that price, why not just get a SlideFire buttstock?

  21. SittingDown Avatar

    This may be the most useless addition to the AR platform of all time. Tits on a bull.

  22. They probably should have gotten someone who doesn’t suck at shooting to demonstrate the product. Jus’ sayin.

  23. The perfect accessory for your NSN chin-stock AR pistol with your 7″ rotating Nautilus rail with a Glock (with Ka-Bar Pistol Bayonet) attached via a Mako UTA Glock-to-Picatinny adapter. So you can look like a Tier 0 donut operator, operating in high speed golf cart retail operations.

  24. Just what we need. A paintballer accessory added to a gun so people can spray bullets hoping to hit only to earn the nickname lightning since it never strikes the same place twice.

  25. Jim Howard Avatar
    Jim Howard

    I actually own one of these unique triggers!! And man, I love it. I see a lot of negative responses, but I think most of you are missing the point! I admit, I first bought this trigger because of its unique design. I wanted something different…Plus it looked fun!!! After I took it out shooting I discovered there are multiple uses for this thing. First, it does increase ones rate of fire. Ya you have to get some practice in, but eventually it starts to feel natural. Second you have two different sensitivities for the shot. A straight longer trigger would not give one a fixed finger position like this trigger offers. I really think it will revolutionize sniper rifles..second, I also found that using both fingers at the same time allowed me a much steadier and more accurate shot. In no way did I feel like I had less of a grip removing my middle finger from the actual grip, it actually felt steadier because of the trigger design. This thing is crazy… I love it… I don’t think the innovator who designed this realized this…. I would love to be him right now….So point of this story…Don’t knock what you haven’t tried….I have been a gun enthusiast for over 30 years and shot many rifles… this is a sweet addition, at least for me…

    1. Crunkleross Avatar

      Uhh you kinda lost me at the part about using both fingers and how you want to be with him now yuuucckkk.

    2. lucusloc Avatar

      but i want to know *how* it increases fire rate. i know how it works in paintball markers, but that is not applicable to real firearms. seriously, how does pulling with two fingers make it shoot faster, cause the above video seems to show that it make you shoot slower. . .

      also, tell everyone at Elftmann Tactical hi for me, it seems that you work there. . . .

  26. Ninjavitis Avatar

    You have less of a grip because now half the fingers on your firing hand are in motion. The weakest componant of any shooting platform is the shooter. Losing that grip compromises your steady shot.

  27. Here is a review by someone who has the trigger.
    This is the NRA’s

  28. Huh. Derp squared.

  29. Nicholas STEVENSON Avatar
    Nicholas STEVENSON

    I own several AR 15’s that I have built and bought. I have competition trigger ‘s and binary firing systems including the digital trigger binary firing system . Digital trigger system is pretty much like that of a paint ball gun but has some difference between both.
    Yes in pistol and rifle configuration it is very very fast and easy hits 450+ rounds a minute with zero creep and very accurate. With the right bolt carrier and buffer spring you can achieve a high rate of fire. With a competition grade upper and upgrade fire control components you will be impressed with how fast you can get .
    Digital trigger system is fairly new to the AR ‘s and software upgrading and new vendor ‘s coming in the near future . I can easily say it is a game changer and not a gimmick for those who don’t want to pay a tax stamp. In fact I barely can tell the difference between both at the range. Full auto and the digital binary firing system are very similar in rate of fire and often gets noticed by law enforcement who are getting in some range time . So I disagree with you about paint ball technology slowing down on a firearm platform.
    This system is proven in the paintball world and its proven that it’s ready for real world application ‘s