Always Watch Your Six

Or have someone you can depend on watch it for you:

The backup backpack gunner is one of the best ways to make sure you never get ambushed from behind.

Hat tip: Imran


14 responses to “Always Watch Your Six”

  1. liquidflorian Avatar

    Master Blaster runs Barter Town!

  2. Great, except that these operators arent loaded and locked. Perhaps the military should look into this as a way of getting our wounded warriors back to operating?

    1. Guns not loaded, bitch about it
      Guns loaded, “OMFG! Range safety!”

      1. Nah, i’m not a range Nazi. They could just take an empty mag and load with one snap cap, then they would look ready to slay bodies.

    2. could be 5 round mags…

      1. I dunno, kinda looks like the Sig’s bolt is open.

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          Looks like a yellow range safety flag thing is in the chamber too.

  3. Does backpackman have no legs? How can he fit in their?

    1. Maybe this is the DOD trial of what I suggested

      1. Holy shit do I feel stupid. How did I not see your comment? It’s right above mine!

  4. Well we can always expand on this idea and use midgets!

    1. HAHA, true. For too long midgets have been denied the honor of service, lets fix that!

  5. Rotorhead Avatar

    This was taken at Gunsite Academy. Im pretty sure this was a veterans or disabled veterans class they had, but i could be wrong about that. They had this picture on their facebook for a while and then it went viral. Not sure if its still on there or not. If i remember right the guy in the backpack had no legs and this was a joking around picture they took.

    1. really? i always assume everything is photoshop these days. The internet has made me very distrusting it seems.