Who Gave Steve Lee The Right To Annoy Us With Gun Songs?

This guy is the worst:

He may be on our side, but as I said before he’s the Australian Nickelback of gun songs, and I mean that in the most non-flattering way possible.  Even the videos are so “Hey look I own a digital SLR and exploit the shit out of depth of field!”.  I wish I knew he washed dishes at a truck stop or something full time and just did this music thing on the side, but sadly I think his career is making these terrible songs up and touring across Australia singing them with his family.

Anyone pick up that terrible CD of his?  $8.99 at Amazon if you’re in need of an ironic gift for someone.



25 responses to “Who Gave Steve Lee The Right To Annoy Us With Gun Songs?”

  1. Sivl32 (elvis) Avatar
    Sivl32 (elvis)

    most of his songs carry the same tune.. some aren’t bad. but he can get annoying.

  2. To be fair, annoying as it seems to get at times, the guy is out there putting out work doing his part to speak up for the 2A.

  3. He seems like a good man, doing his part to stand up for liberty. Corniness be damned! Carry on Steve Lee.

  4. fxhummel1 Avatar

    Based on my research, Nickelback sounds better when you’re watching one of their music videos with the hot chicks.

    Maybe I should include more ‘hells and damns’ in my songs…really gives the message that extra ‘umpf.’

  5. I like it. just this once

  6. John Fritzed Avatar
    John Fritzed

    This guy’s OK in my opinion. He brings a good message. And it’s not rap. That’s a plus.

    There are plenn-tee more people that need their balls busted way before this guy.

  7. His NRA shirt kills a little bit of my soul, though.

  8. God his music is awful. I always skip his Hickok45 videos. And he’s in Australia, so no, he isn’t standing up for the 2nd Amendment.

  9. Jon Hutto Avatar

    I got no problem with him.. He’s right on lyrics. His songs, are not my style, and other than lyrics I can’t tell the difference between them..

    If he was in town tho, I’d buy him a beer for standing up for gun rights.

  10. Like him or not, he stood up. All you can seem to do is cut people down.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I give credit where credit is due. If someone sucks I let it be known.

  11. He did an interview a while back where he stated that he was glad that Australia has the strict guns laws they do and that he wouldn’t change it.

    1. Lightning Jeff Avatar
      Lightning Jeff

      Cite? I’ve heard several interviews with him, and never heard him do anything but lament Australia’s gun laws.

      He’s a good guy, on our side, and all the hate makes me think people are either xenophobic or fucking hipsters. (Hint: If you “don’t like country music,” you’re the latter.)

      1. It seems that the source link is now dead but here is a blog archiving what was once a posted interview, http://karendecoster.com/steve-lee-the-australian-gun-moderate.html

      2. ^This.
        I’ve listened to Steve Lee’s interviews on CRR and can find nothing to back up claims that he supports gun control. And even if the music isn’t your style its rather childish to claim that he is ‘the worst.’
        And ye olde fall-back ‘even though I couldn’t do better I can still criticize’ is getting old, I find a lot of the ENDO posts funny but given that Steve Lee is not a) tactically derping, b) being an idiot, and c) endangering others while speaking in a fabricated russian accent I don’t think its entirely fair to criticize him.
        Granted, I personally don’t like this song, but some of it is entertaining. Just because I don’t like something doesn’t mean that that thing is drivel that everyone should hate and ‘the worst.’

        1. Well it’s your call what to believe since the link is now dead. Personally if I hadn’t seen the it when it was still live I would probably be on your side. But as a reminder, just because someone like, owns, or even sells guns doesn’t mean they aren’t pro gun control.

          1. the links dead but there are parts of it in text there.

            “In the TV interview, Steve also said, “a lot of people shouldn’t be able to get guns, and I think the Australian gun laws have done a good job of that…..they’ve made it harder for people to get firearms…” And he followed that with, “so I think it’s good.””

  12. Haters got to hate. He is a better singer, songwriter and musician that any of your fanboy types.

    1. Wrong, James Yeagers latest cd totally kicks this guys ass

  13. As pro gun as his songs are, I just find them to be like the sound of nails on chalkboard.

    It’s a shame his music isn’t more widely approachable as opposed to being aimed at the demographic who likes that country tone. Unfortunately I feel it just lends itself to the redneck stereotype, sure it let’s a lot of the gun owning country folk identify with him, it leaves a lot of the rest of us, younger, non country types in the lurch.

    Every time ENDO-Mike posts one of Steve’s videos and rips into how bad it is my first reaction is to jump up and down with Aussie pride and criticise him for shit talking someone who is attempting to stand up for our shitty gun laws. But then I realise that by the time I see the video here (which is usually quite a while after it has appeared on local forums etc), I still haven’t bothered to watch it because I just can’t stand his shit.

    Oh well, I guess I should actually watch this one now, see how bad it is.

  14. Libertarian Avatar

    I can’t really say anything about the music itself, I am in general NOT a country music fan, and REALLY don’t know anything about Australian country music, by I would simply say, If you don’t like it, don’t listen…

  15. John Fritz Avatar
    John Fritz

    Leave him be. He’s not hurting anything.

  16. ed king Avatar
    ed king

    The guy´s great, doesn´t matter if you dont like country music or you´re just green with envy ´cause he´s got a lot of guns, the guy´s stands for his rights and beliefs, something we should do more often.
    whom ever is a gun pro deserves some credit.

  17. Stephen Dodge Avatar
    Stephen Dodge

    Sounds like someone has the Green Eyed Monster of Envy going on.