School Chalkboard Drawings Containing Firearms

By blog reader and physics grad student at UT-Austin Frank Lee:

Frank does these drawings on the blackboards in the physics grad lounge whenever he gets bored of homework, teaching, or research.  *Gasp* guns at school! haha.  The school related commentary written besides many of the drawings is a nice touch.

You can check out more of his Chalkboard Drawings at his website.  Damn I wish I could draw…



9 responses to “School Chalkboard Drawings Containing Firearms”

  1. i dont speak russian. a very well-known search engine helped

    “Советских Тиггер” = “Soviet Tiggeru”


  2. And I thought I was the best gun related artist… I give up! Take my money! Somebody get this guy an award!

  3. It says soviet tigger and the bottle says vodka. That is the worst Russian d I have seen looks like a capital A. It should be Д.

  4. In Russian this means nothing. Absolutely illiterate set of words. I am Russian, I know what I say.

    1. im certain like me he used google translate. i dont think it was meant to be read by those fluent in russian, im sure it was just for effect.

      great drawings though.

      1. Drawings are great, that’s what can’t be denied

  5. Those are awsome. Check out oscarmania56 on YouTube. He draws guns on paper. He’s a friend of mine.

  6. What!? These are dope!!

  7. LMAO Commie Tigger