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  • Chalk Warfare 3.0

    Going to chalk battle with chalk guns: Ban assault chalk.  Keep your finger off the chalk until you’re ready to shoot.  Keep your chalk pointed in a safe direction. Nice looking job the SoKrispyMedia guys did on this one. Thoughts?

  • Chalk As A Shitty Weapon Against Gun Violence

    God this is so artsy I think I gagged: I love the self importance these artists have hahahah. Wow… I’m sure if gun crime in D.C. decreases over the next 6 months, queen bee Lorin Latarro from the video will probably take 100% of the credit. Thoughts?  Anyone up for a pro gun rally where we would write…

  • School Chalkboard Drawings Containing Firearms

    By blog reader and physics grad student at UT-Austin Frank Lee: Frank does these drawings on the blackboards in the physics grad lounge whenever he gets bored of homework, teaching, or research.  *Gasp* guns at school! haha.  The school related commentary written besides many of the drawings is a nice touch. You can check out…

  • Chalk Warfare

    These are very well done: Really neat idea and the attention to detail is great.   Chalk flame thrower, hell yea!  See how they made part 1 and part 2 if you’re interested.  What a lot of work. Reminds me of Cardboard Warfare (See 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0 if you’re not already familiar) Thoughts?