Left 4 Dead – The Movie

A Left 4 Dead fan film:

This is in case you need your zombie shooting fix before The Walking Dead starts up again on October 14th.

I’ve never played Left 4 Dead, but it apparently got “game of the year” so it must be legit.  Left 4 Dead 2 is out as well… but I have no word on how well the above fan film follows the story line of the games.

It’s pretty amazing how well done these fan films are now.  The last really awesome one I remember seeing was the Punisher one.


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  1. I can give a good review of L4D and L4D2. Excellent games for just gameplay. L4D is based somewhere in the Northeast while L4D2 takes place in the south (Mississippi/Louisiana).You are 4 characters who have to team up to get to the “safe zone”. Characters all play the same but the goal is survival in linear maps. Sometimes you have to get one place really fast or other times you have to fight off hordes of zombies as you wait for a bridge to lower or a ferry to come back across the river to you. You have special zombies to beware of such as the smoker who can entrap one memeber and split the group up. the hunter who will pin a player down and the boomer who explodes when shot or spits bile that attracks the “horde” (group of zombies) to your position and you have to fight them off. You start with pistols and basic guns (machine pistol and 8 shot 12 gauge pump) and can find special upgraded weapons throughout the map. ( M16, Benelli M4, scoped Mini14). Every map has its own “safe room” that you start in that splits up the “mission” into scenes almost. I say scene as there is a soundtrack that lightly plays as you go through the game (almost like its a movie and not a game). when the horde comes the soundtrack plays a distinct chord or set of notes and the music gets faster.

    thats the basics of it. i think L4D GOTY is $20 in some places. For PC, X360 and PS3. good game to single play or play with a group of friends. L4D2 is more of the same but set in different areas, more characters, more special zombies and more guns (basically skins of different guns, not really any different).

    oh, you might come across a hulk lookalike, he isnt there to help, thats the TANK. throw a molotov and start shooting. kite him around the area and dont get hit.

  2. This is excellent work for a fan film but its hard to really get into it when they look so young. Such young faces in with mature dialogue and mannerisms.

    1. wish they shot it on a red scarlet or something.

  3. LOL at the skinny white kid rocking with an air rifle.

  4. I wish I had a recoiless AK.

  5. that BB gun sure has a lot of muzzle flash.

  6. Well done, but REALLY, REALLY boring.

    And I’m super pissed that these assholes are desperately asking for help, then someone else asks for help and they’re all like; “What are we gonna get out of it for helping him.” Karma, karma is what you’ll get out of it you fuck. Ok, that’s my rant.

  7. Not impressed.

  8. The action scenes and the set do a pretty good job of capturing actual gameplay (based on my roughly 900 hours in to the 2 games) but they ar all too young and WAAAYY too much dialogue. Not bad, but not stellar either.

  9. nikonmikon Avatar

    Great game, videos are okay too!