Kids Doing Useful Gun Related Things

Like operating the clay thrower like a boss:

hahah I hear kids are also good at picking up spent brass.  What happens when they grow up though and are too young to buy ammo, but want to use up all of yours? :P

Hat tip: Roger


5 responses to “Kids Doing Useful Gun Related Things”

  1. Took my 6 year old and 9 year old sons out shooting a couple of weeks ago.

    They loved it, and were VERY conscientious about brass.


  2. I developed a brass magnet because finding kids around here is harder to do. Living in the armpit of the world parents tend not to loan out their children for brass. I don’t blame them, when I decide to replicate I’ll be the same way. (Brass magnet = oversize tarp :P )

  3. “Oh, my kid just became useful.” hahahaha!!!

  4. ThatGuy Avatar

    win….. epic win….

  5. as a kneejerk liberal incapable of understanding concepts like parenting and personal responsibility all i gotta say is “BAN HIGH CAPACITY CHILDREN!”