Ronnie Barrett – ‘Merica!

Ronnie Barrett talks about the start of his company:

Ronnie Barrett is a badass, there’s no denying that.  Haven’t met him, but he seems like a solid guy.  If I could pick a few guys in the industry to meet and talk to, he would definitely be among them.

The story and come-up of Barrett Firearms is definitely interesting.  The video is worth watching if you have 10 minutes.



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  1. Mark Smith Avatar

    Good video, surprising to see how unplanned things were initially.

  2. Good video. I wish I could afford one. But at $4+ per round it gets expensive to practice.

  3. Ronnie Barrett for President

  4. Cuban Pete Avatar

    What a great American. Mr. Barrett has done more for the safety, well-being, and future of this country that the whole Galifornia Gongressional delegation.

  5. Ronnie is the man. He once said anyone who used his product in the line of duty was free to come see the Factory. It was a great honor to know my weapon came from the same state I was born.

    1. I used to drive by it all the time. He actually owns a store right next door called Outpost Armory. Apparently he and his kids work there sometimes. I do wish the factory was open to the public. I was at the store one time when a group of Boy Scouts came in. They had just met him at the plant and he gave a demonstration about the guns, but he couldn’t let them in the plant. Apparently you can’t even take private tours though due to .gov regulations on the factory since it produces military weapons.

  6. I’d vote for him.

    1. He’d get another from me. Good video.

  7. Fake Chris Avatar

    Barrett is a solid guy. Few businessmen would travel on their own dime to train their customers, supply spare parts, and ensure satisfaction with the product.

    For some further proof of Mr. Barrett’s awesomeness- and scroll down halfway…
    After the LAPD uses its Barrett 82 rifle as a prop to endorse a civilian ban on 50 cal rifles, Barrett notes he has one of their other rifles in for service and writes “Please excuse my slow response on the repair service of the rifle. I am battling to what service I am repairing the rifle for. I will not sell, nor service, my rifles to those seeking to infringe upon the Constitution and the crystal clear rights it affords individuals to own firearms.”
    From what I’ve read, he ended up refusing to help them and LAPD had to send somebody to his service center to pick up the rifle, unserviced.

    1. +1 for President.

  8. He always comes over as a real nice guy too. He did a great piece with Nutnfancy at shot show too.

    1. MrMaigo Avatar

      Didn’t even know who Nutn is. He went out of his way to talk openly and make a connection with him. That’s a man I want to have a drink with.

  9. Mr Barrett might come across as the kind of man who’d love to sell you a part of a national park or a famous landmark but that’s not always a bad thing. The man has made it his career to supply the free world with good rifles where he would probably have been successful no matter what he’d set his mind to, that’s something special. I wish him and his company all the best.

  10. I read he also encourages his workers to carry to work and be armed on site. Seriously, how many US companies allow that sort of policy? Barrett simply = badass.

  11. hnl.flyboy Avatar