Firearm Stocks Are Doing Well

CNBC takes a look:

LOL fail on that “firing on all cylinders” pun she thought she was so clever with.  Awesome that Scott Cohn shut her down.

I wonder if Freedom Group will ever re-consider that IPO in the near future?

According to Larry Hyatt (owner of Hyatt Gun Shop) senior citizens represent the largest group of buyers.

I like that the report wasn’t anti-gun.  That’s what I like about money… those guys care about making more money, not walking around on eggshells trying to to upset anyone that doesn’t like guns.


Hat tip: Fazal


8 responses to “Firearm Stocks Are Doing Well”

  1. LOL fail on that “firing on all cylinders” pun she thought she was so clever with. Awesome that Scott Cohn shut her down.

    She’s dumb for saying it, without a doubt, but that phrase is an “idiom,” and I don’t think that, even in the way she uses it there, it qualifies as a “pun.”

  2. Well the thing I noticed is they had the black gun segment in there.

  3. I’m all for gun ownership. But i’m worried that all of these new buyers are not taking classes or becoming educated on firearms. There are way too many dumb people with guns, a guy that lives on a golf course in Nevada just shot a golfer with a shotgun for breaking his window.

    1. frank rizzo Avatar
      frank rizzo

      And there are laws for those who like Jeff Fleming, take action into their own hands without thinking or using common sense. He’s going to think twice before popping off again. I’m pretty sure anyone that has a house on the Golf Course expects (or should) a bad slice or two to come their way.

  4. Not bad, but NBC is about as reliable as Fox

  5. When I read the title for this article, I thought that “stock” referred to gun stocks(The shoulder things), and that people were buying a lot of them. (perhaps they want custom ones that go up?)

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahah so many shoulder things that go up!