Mall Ninja Tactical Zombie Destroyer AK-47

These guys know how to have a good time:

If you work at a gun store, and you’re not cramming a maximum amount of accessories onto the picatinny rails of firearms you really should ask yourself what you’re doing with your life.

You might remember a similar joke they did with the AR-15 platform; the Tactical Zombie Destroyer AR-15.

I hate to think how many people call the shop up and are like “You know that video you did on the tactical zombie destroyer AK-47?  I want that setup!”

Thoughts? What would you pick, the zombie destroyer AK-47 or the AR-15?


8 responses to “Mall Ninja Tactical Zombie Destroyer AK-47”

  1. So thats the plan? blind zombies? then run away from them with a 23 pound weapon? Surely VigilantSpectre will add two of these to their armory.

  2. Fun to do. Carry that sucker — not a chance in hell.

    1. agreed, i wish i had access to unlimited rails and attachment, its like lego for grownups.

  3. I thought everybody knows you never go full retard.

    1. Bahaha. Good quote.

  4. I don’t get the “mall ninja” thing… And I hate these guys. He almost dropped the fucking thing when he racked it, that disqualifies it as a “fantastic weapon” in my opinion.

    1. Okay listen closely and we’ll go slow. It’s… A… Joke!

      1. they definitely arent making these to sell. like Jake said, its a joke. nothing more. dont get your panties in a bunch.

        also i wonder why they didnt just go with a beta C-mag on the zombie AR15. much better than 9 or so Pmags.