Glock Shooting Sports Commercial

This guy is in the f**king zone:

I’m so sick of that “my glock gives me confidence to live my life” bullshit tagline.  In my opinion, whoever came up with that should be fired immediately.

Why don’t big companies ever do anything fun just to troll?  It would have been a perfect opportunity at 0:27 to get a million views on this video by next week if dude would have just loaded the last round of his magazine in backwards.   But nooooooooo… i’m sure even if someone over at Glock’s marketing department got over his or her fear of rejection and suggested such an idea it would be laughed at for days considering the potential liability issues.  Sure enough someone would die in a self defense situation and then police would find the first round backwards… the family would sue glock for a kazillion-bajillion^infinity dollars and then the company would go under.

Out of the few ads of theirs I talked about before this one (see: here here and here), if nothing else this ad is at least not as corny.  Thank god they laid off the Adobe After Effects text effects.



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  1. Douche doesn’t even help paste his own targets..

    1. And either the audio for his start is out of sync, or he jumps the buzzer. His hand starts moving at “standby,” not at the beep. RO shoulda stopped him and gotten him back in position!

      However, it’s cool to see the pre-stage game as part of the ad — safe area, loading, planning, rehearsing . . . all that stuff that we do more of than actually shooting.

    2. +1 you made me lol
      always seems those who THINK they are good never do…..those who ARE good always do….

    3. Considering the angles it is almost guaranteed that it wasn’t done at a match. Thus certain liberties are taken to make a better commercial.

  2. Diarrhea cha cha cha Avatar
    Diarrhea cha cha cha

    Funny to see an organization have to compete for a market it once had cornered.

  3. its sad… my 1st gen glocks were all flawless thru 1,000s of rounds, and would function with crap ammo that was just short of buzzard puke…
    2nd gen = meh, nothing to brag about…
    3rd gen, wth? no way would i buy one…
    4th gen, you’re joking, right? wth, were they bought out by taurus?
    their ads, again wth? their fanbois are as bad as apples, and the denial is even greater…
    i’d buy a 1st gen S&W auto before i’d take a new glock for FREE…

    1. elephantrider Avatar

      Uhh… what’s so terribly wrong with 2nd and 3rd Gen Glocks?

  4. This commercial/ad should start at 0:46 and should stop after he clears the chamber, then add holstering and no talking. I love my glock but their ads suck ass.

  5. KA-BAR-A-RANG Avatar

    Glock starting to feel the heat from the competition?

  6. KA-BAR, nope, the 4th Gen Glocks are chocking something fierce. Glock screwed the pooch bigtime and with typical arrogance, is blowing folks off. Several major departments have returned the Gen 4s as they don’t run. V’s post is spot on.

  7. He’s cute..

  8. after being banned several times from G****T*** for not being sesiativiatyness to the fanbois feelings i am grateful for the acknowledgement that i was/am right… thanks…btw i still miss my ist gen 17…
    PS, H&K forever!

    1. elephantrider Avatar

      Oh, I see you are just here to troll the Glock owners. Troll on!

  9. Where can I get the hat he’s wearing in the video?

  10. Gen 3 Glocks are the sweet spot. Gen 4 has too many choking problems and as far as the rest, speaking for myself I generally like guns that DON’T explode in my hand. Gen 3. peace out

  11. I love my Glocks.
    Here is a video of me accidentally putting a mag in backwards (and correcting it immediately)

    20k things went wrong , but as long as you keep the momentum up, you’ll weather the waves.