When To Carry A Firearm

Spolier Alert: ALWAYS!

The video is somewhat similar to his “Why I Carry A Gun” video, but with more Lady Fortune.  Good none the less.

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5 responses to “When To Carry A Firearm”

  1. James M&P Avatar


    1. @James,

      Except for “Lady Fortune” I’ve always heard “Lady Luck”!

      My last thoughts if I don’t have my firearm?
      “I wish I had brought some popcorn…”

  2. Great reminder. I’ve found myself debating the walk around the neighborhood with my wife or by myself because I didn’t want to put on pants (elastic shorts that a gun would be too heavy for) to carry a gun. I’ve made a drive-thru run at a taco bell in town without a gun…all the while feeling the emptiness of insurance and feeling the pings of paranoia warn me. Senhor Colion, thanks to you, never more again.

  3. I have a short attention span so this video wasn’t very ammusing. But I still like MrColionNoir and agree with this specific opinion.

  4. I said it before and I will say it again:

    The First Rule of Unarmed Combat: NEVER BE UNARMED. EVER.