Tank Disrespects Crowd Of Onlookers

You just know whoever driving was like “Hold my beer and watch this!”.

My initial thought was that several members of the crowd were going to get pancaked, so that was a relief.

Hat tip: Chris


11 responses to “Tank Disrespects Crowd Of Onlookers”

  1. lots of expensive electronics died there i think

  2. elephantrider Avatar

    Who let Gallagher drive the tank?

  3. I heard a story where in the early years of the M1A1 they invited the local reservists to have one in the Memorial Day parade in a small town.

    Tank driver does the parade route and then picks up speed (about 45) to get back to the carrier truck. He didn’t realize he had to pull a 90 degree turn. He gets to the corner and tries it. He luckily didn’t hit the nursing home but wiped out the storefront next door.

    That was more than fifteen years ago. People still remember it and he hasn’t gotten rid of the nickname “Crash”.

    1. we had one of our 113’s in a parade a long time ago in my guard unit (Memorial day probably), but they brought one on the lowboy without road pads and the idiot TC and Driver didn’t bother to notice…got to the first turn in the parade that was sharp, driver pulled back the stick a bit hard and asphalt shot out of the treads! The state ended up paying for that mistake!

  4. What did you think was going to happen? Big ass pool of muddy water + tank = hell yeah!

    1. Saw that one coming before the video started….

      1. PS: Rednecks are universal. :)

  5. the every day thing might be failing when you but up crap like this….

  6. NYzombie Avatar

    The announcer is speaking polish sooo they must be polish.

  7. Cuban Pete Avatar
    Cuban Pete


  8. It’s like the russian sea-world show!