1911 Fanboys Get Your Drool Rag

Shooting Illustrated has some nice pics of 34 iterations:

Check out the other 33 on their website.

As much as I appreciate the design and the old school flavor of the 1911, I’m still bitter that my Springfield Loaded pitted with rust simply because I didn’t treat it like it was something special and keep it in a temp/humidity controlled environment and clean/oil it.  I don’t have the time or want, to worry about babying firearms.  It takes out of my potato chip eating, and distracts me from memorizing the great lines in all 5 seasons of the wire while I get fat, never leave the house, and wonder why I am so alone.

I was kind of disappointed to not see the Double Barrel 1911 in the mix… but I suppose the 1911 purists are not down with it.  Some of the others that are in the 34 pics probably raised a few eyebrows as well I imagine.

Thoughts?  Are 1911s #1 on your list of all time favorite handguns?

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12 responses to “1911 Fanboys Get Your Drool Rag”

  1. I enjoy 1911’s. I’ve done a Beretta as a carry weapon. I’ve carried smaller concealed.

    As for OC — they are an instinctive weapon. At the same time my hands are long and I have gorilla length arms — so it fits nicely.

  2. Glock 21 with Insight M6X FTW

  3. I have a love/hate relationship with my Para LTC. It is super accurate, but the series 80 firing pin safety would jam on and keep the firing pin locked fully extended and cause a FTF (hooray for extra safeties!). So I’m currently building its guts back to GI, and the more “upgrades” I take off, the better it runs.

    Probably going to get a G21 or M&P45 for competition and leave the Para in the safe for lazy Sundays.

    1. Crunkleross Avatar

      A problem with the 80 series firing pin lock will occur if the trigger has an overtravel stop and it is adjusted too far in. The firing pin lock systems requires some overtravel in the trigger. I’ve seen this happen a lot.

  4. The more guns I shoot and the more I get into the gun culture the more I become a gunnie pragmatist.

    That being said, the 1911 is 100% the gun that got me hooked on shooting, it was literally love at first sight. Because of this I’ve shot more rounds through 1911s than any other gun (tho maybe one 4-hour sponsored session with a mini-gun might change those stats), so its my daily carry gun, as its hard to beat that level of confidence.

    Also I’m surprised that nobody seems to be able to make a gun as THIN as a 1911. My carry gun with slim grips only mics at 0.91″ across all planes except the safety that mics at a bit over 1″…and that’s a .45! hard to beat that concealability!

  5. Crunkleross Avatar

    Of course the 1911 is my all time favorite, it is the best pistol ever made. Hmm 1911 fanboy eh? Ok I’ll accept that from a Glocksucker. : )

  6. 2Wheels Avatar

    I don’t baby my 1911s, and zero rust so far. If I’ve gotten a bit of sweat on them after carrying all day I wipe them down, but I don’t consider that “babying” them. I’d do it with any gun.

    Stop crying over your Springer. Buy another 1911.

    1. I think that Mike should call Springfield and see what they can do for him. They will probably refinish it for little to no cost.

      That being said, I love my cheap-ass Rock Island Armory 1911. Little rough at the start, but after 500 rounds it eats any ammo that I throw at it. Let’s face it, 1911’s were government contract, GI issue, cheap guns to start with.

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        I sold it a few years ago. Even if they would have offered to refinish it, I wouldn’t have kept it if it was just going to happen again anyway!

  7. 1911’s are beautiful, but i’ll probably never own one. It just doesn’t spark my interest enough.

  8. I had a Colt Govt series 80 whose finish wore off by breathing on it practically. I replaced it years ago with a Kimber Warrior which after break-in, has been just utterly reliable and eats whatever I feed it.

  9. They fall to number 2. Glocks are still #1 in my book.